Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Bed time!

This inviting little bed started out looking rather cold and boring... 

... amazing what a little paint, fabric, vintage lace and a few hours work can do! 

What's hiding, neglected, in your stash that you could transform into something you'll love?

Friday, September 19, 2014

All the fun of the fair

I had heaps of fun yesterday dressing this kitchen hutch which will be for sale on my table at the Sydney Northern Districts Doll and Bear Show tomorrow...

... as will this six piece living/dining room set. It'll be hard to part with it though because I really love it! I guess I just have to look it as a chance to share that love :) 

Offering these 'one of a kind' pieces created from my extensive stash of furniture and accessories (some purchased, most of which have been revamped/decorated by me, some created by my own fair hands) is part of the process of de-stashing in preparation for a move back to New Zealand some time next year. Quite tough to do but entirely necessary - I'd have to hire a cargo ship for my exclusive use if I was to take it all with me! 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Modern kitchen revamp revealed

Here it is! This is the kitchen revamped and reconstructed. 

The original sink was discarded and a new recessed sink installed, I'm still waiting for the 'gooseneck' taps to come from the US.

 I've been playing with decals lately, had fun with a few plates and this set of storage jars.

Paris sign from MiniFanaberia

Preserves by Nina Eary 

Tiny jam jar from LugArt Petite

'Pasta' plate from Carrie at A Lavender Dilly

I've had the vegetables in my stash for a long time, the person I bought them from is no longer around, a pity because they're really lovely. 

Just a reminder of how it looked before ... 

... worth all the effort I think. 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Georgian Townhouse makeover continues!

Yikes! - it's two months since I posted that all had come to a halt on the Georgian townhouse transformation on the eve of the Penrith show. In that time some things have moved on and some haven't! 

The house is still in pieces but that is in fact a good thing because it's made it much easier to work on the windows and doors. When I bought this house I didn't realise that the windows weren't glazed (which would have made for a very breezy interior), nor were they framed on the inside. 

All the windows have now been glazed and framed and extra framing added to the doorways. It was quite time consuming but I'm delighted how much it's lifted the look of the inside of the front so well worth it. 

Hopefully the reconstruction of the house will happen this weekend, including the addition of the new interior walls. What a relief it'll be when the last screw is in place! 

Until recently it was my intention to upgrade this house and keep it for myself so I also bought kitchen units for it. Although I'd really like to keep the cabinets it makes sense to offer them for sale with the house as an optional extra because the kitchen has been slightly re-sized to accommodate them -  a new owner might not be so lucky finding cabinets that will fit so perfectly. 

Of course I couldn't resist making-over the cabinets. Like the house itself, the first step was deconstruction. The drawer handles weren't right for a kitchen, the sink was totally wrong in every aspect (and had only one tap!) and the black on the counter tops too harsh for cabinets that have vintage features. 

It's well on it's way to having a totally new look, will share that with you soon - promise!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

So close and yet so far!

I've hit a small glitch or two in the reconstruction process today because of the extra internal walls, not fatal but time consuming so I'm not sure if I'm going to get the house finished for tomorrow :(  Just posting this so that anyone planning on going to Penrith especially to get a first hand look at it is aware that it might not make an appearance. If that changes and I do get it together I'll post very quickly tomorrow morning to confirm that - so watch this space for last minute news!

UPDATE - It's now 6 am Sunday morning, SHOW DAY and I'm up early to get my bits and pieces together and looking forward to meeting new people and having a fun day - without the house. I do thank you all for your encouraging comments but by the time you were so kindly writing them I was in bed fast asleep. 

It was early evening when I called 'tools down', my thinking process was getting fuzzy (not good when decisions are about drilling holes) and I was beginning to think along the lines of saving time rather than producing the best result. When I realised that speed not quality had become my priority I decided it's much better to allow more time to make it the best that it can be than keep going on that basis just for the sake of meeting a self imposed deadline. My commitment was to do my very best to have it at the show today and I certainly did that so I am totally fine with my decision. 

I'm off on a house-sit for 10 days from tomorrow (taking care of a super cute Maltese dog and a pussy cat) so won't get back to it for a couple of weeks but when I do I'll enjoy finishing it to the standard I really want it to be rather than the standard time allowed. I've got a table booked at the Sydney Northern Districts Doll and Bear Guild Fair on 20 September so there's ample time to achieve that before it's next 'engagement'.

Thanks so much everyone for coming along for the ride, it was a bit wild, and it hit a rather large speed bump at the end, but it's been great fun and we're all still alive to tell the tale. Now I have to run and get organised for today's show. 

Friday, June 27, 2014

Two week transformation challenge - interior colours

Even though the house hasn't been reconstructed yet this 'mock-up' will let you see the interior colour palette. Doors are painted with Citadel Skull White (same colour is used on the outside for doors, windows, columns and balcony balustrade), the wallpaper is white with very tiny (almost indiscernible) flecks of blue/grey, floors are painted with Taubman's Silver Charm, a pretty French grey which has been applied with a roller so that has a slight texture to it. The colours combine to create a neutral background suitable for a range of furnishing styles from dark stained 'traditional' furniture to French Country/Gustavian, and anything in between. (The armoire is a custom order ready to send off to its new home).  

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Two week transformation - Part 7

Sometimes the tiniest things can make a big difference - the new front door hardware makes it look a little bit special rather than the same as every other door in the house.

I've nothing more to show you now until the house is put back together which probably won't happen until the weekend because it's a job that requires more than one pair of hands. Anyway, let's see how that goes... 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Two week transformation challenge - Part 6

More progress to report - yay! One of the jobs I've done today is filling in the stairway holes in each floor. The original design has stairs on the right wall on each level but although they make a nice feature it means that each of the right end rooms are exposed to foot traffic so it limits what they can be used for. My solution to that has been to redesign the layout, removing the stairs, patching the holes, adding an internal back wall to create a hidden backstairs void. 

Other steps completed in the last couple of days are papering all the internal walls, painting the doors (all 7 of them!) and painting floors and ceilings as a temporary measure because I'm unlikely to get those surfaces lined before the weekend and the stairway hole patch doesn't look too pretty. 

Not long now and the reconstruction process begins! 

Monday, June 23, 2014

Time is flying by!

I didn't accomplish anything like as much as I expected to over the weekend so now I'm seriously behind schedule but I'm still working hard so please be patient and remember - all good things come to those who wait! 

Friday, June 20, 2014

Two week transformation challenge - Part 5

I promised you the colour reveal so here it is, a bit late and not the entire facade, but that's coming soon I promise. The contrast between the roof and walls is a bit greater than it looks here, the walls are a shade or two lighter in reality.  

The paints used are Taubmans Beige Ash (roof) and Quill (walls) complemented with Skull White (windows) which is a Citadel brand paint used by model makers which I borrowed from my son - once again Warhammer meets dollhouse! It's very similar to Whispering Winds, the shade suggested by Taubmans to compliment the darker 'greige' shades, but I used the Skull White because of the advantage of being able to spray it on which makes it much easier and quicker to deal with the intricacies of the window frames. 

It's almost time to turn my attention to the interior which involves making new dividing walls - one job that I won't be doing myself but will be delegating to my younger son who, unlike his mother, can saw in a straight line! I'm unlikely to post over the weekend but hopefully there will be quite a bit of progress to reveal on Monday. 

Thanks again for all your comments and email messages - they're definitely the petrol in my tank!