Friday, January 30, 2015

Sharing the Facebook 5 day Art Challenge - Day 2

I've been nominated by Frederica @ Frederica's Little World and Lorraine @ Fairy Meadow Miniatures to participate in the Facebook Art Challenge showing 3 pictures each day for 5 days and in turn nominate another artist to do the same - today I nominate Mely Giunta.

Paint, patina and ageing isn't just for furniture,

it's also for old Parisian kitchens 

and hallways that are having problems with damp

and flower pots, and angels, and old bistro chairs

Basket by Lidi Stroud

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Sharing the Facebook 5 day Art Challenge - Day 1

I've been nominated by Frederica @ Frederica's Little World and Lorraine @ Fairy Meadow Miniatures to participate in the Facebook Art Challenge showing 3 pictures each day for 5 days and in turn nominate another artist to do the same (I nominate Lidi @ Basketcase Miniatures today). Participating in the Art Challenge is a great way to kick off my miniature activities for the year so I thought I'd share here too. 

As you know I love vintage, miniatures, everything French, creating 'aged' paint finishes and printing miniature scale fabrics so what could be more fun than combining them all...

plus a bonus pic just for you

See you soon for Day 2!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Georgian Townhouse reconstructed

I just realised this morning that I hadn't posted a photo of the Georgian Townhouse since we put it back together. It certainly looks rather different to the yellow and grey original. It also had an additional ground floor railing. Everything is a matter of personal taste but I feel that with the lower railing removed it looks less 'fussy' and allows other features to stand out more.  It also makes room for topiary or perhaps a little hedge to add extra interest and colour.

The original. 
The interior was reconfigured to create a stairwell/hallway at the back instead of having the stairs going through the rooms on the right-hand side of the house, and another partition added to the top floor to create another small room, plenty big enough for a bathroom.  The doors on this back wall don't open but the doors of the left side rooms (which you can't see here sorry) open into the hallway. This has created an extra dimension to the interior that creates a more realistic impression.

Skirting boards need to be added but the interior will remain pretty much as you see it here - a modern neutral backdrop so that the furniture and accessories will be the stars of the show. With  the addition of furniture, wall art, rugs. lighting, etc I think this house will really come to life. 

That's a project for another time though. In just a few days we'll be travelling to New Zealand to spend several weeks at my 1:1 playhouse ...

... so I'll take this opportunity say thanks for making my blogging journey through 2014 rewarding and fun and wish you all a wonderful holiday season with good wishes for an absolutely fantastic 2015 that delivers all that you hope for. 


Friday, November 21, 2014

Old newspaper collage sheets for your projects

These collage sheets of old newspapers, which might be useful for attic wallpaper, lining trunks, suitcases and old cupboards (and probably other things I haven't thought of), were created by me to fit an A4 page. 

Feel free to download, print and share but it is NOT permitted to offer the sheets for sale in printed form or as a digital file. 

Have fun!


Various languages

Thursday, November 20, 2014

A lovely new blog

I found a lovely new Swedish miniatures blog today, click here to pop over and say hi.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A lot happens when you turn 5!

Today is my blog's fifth birthday - my sincerest thanks to all of you who have supported my mini endevours over the past five years. Without your constant friendship and encouragement I very much doubt that I'd have made it this far! Big hugs all round!!

And I'm very pleased to be able to tell you today that Fairy Meadow Miniatures is now stocking selected pieces of my work. A huge thank you to Lorraine for having faith in me and partnering with me in this way.

Also, I've now set up a Page on Facebook so that I can engage more easily with the non-blogging miniature community as well as those bloggers who hang out there lots these days. 

A lot happens when you turn 5! 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Bed time!

This inviting little bed started out looking rather cold and boring... 

... amazing what a little paint, fabric, vintage lace and a few hours work can do! 

What's hiding, neglected, in your stash that you could transform into something you'll love?

Friday, September 19, 2014

All the fun of the fair

I had heaps of fun yesterday dressing this kitchen hutch which will be for sale on my table at the Sydney Northern Districts Doll and Bear Show tomorrow...

... as will this six piece living/dining room set. It'll be hard to part with it though because I really love it! I guess I just have to look it as a chance to share that love :) 

Offering these 'one of a kind' pieces created from my extensive stash of furniture and accessories (some purchased, most of which have been revamped/decorated by me, some created by my own fair hands) is part of the process of de-stashing in preparation for a move back to New Zealand some time next year. Quite tough to do but entirely necessary - I'd have to hire a cargo ship for my exclusive use if I was to take it all with me! 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Modern kitchen revamp revealed

Here it is! This is the kitchen revamped and reconstructed. 

The original sink was discarded and a new recessed sink installed, I'm still waiting for the 'gooseneck' taps to come from the US.

 I've been playing with decals lately, had fun with a few plates and this set of storage jars.

Paris sign from MiniFanaberia

Preserves by Nina Eary 

Tiny jam jar from LugArt Petite

'Pasta' plate from Carrie at A Lavender Dilly

I've had the vegetables in my stash for a long time, the person I bought them from is no longer around, a pity because they're really lovely. 

Just a reminder of how it looked before ... 

... worth all the effort I think. 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Georgian Townhouse makeover continues!

Yikes! - it's two months since I posted that all had come to a halt on the Georgian townhouse transformation on the eve of the Penrith show. In that time some things have moved on and some haven't! 

The house is still in pieces but that is in fact a good thing because it's made it much easier to work on the windows and doors. When I bought this house I didn't realise that the windows weren't glazed (which would have made for a very breezy interior), nor were they framed on the inside. 

All the windows have now been glazed and framed and extra framing added to the doorways. It was quite time consuming but I'm delighted how much it's lifted the look of the inside of the front so well worth it. 

Hopefully the reconstruction of the house will happen this weekend, including the addition of the new interior walls. What a relief it'll be when the last screw is in place! 

Until recently it was my intention to upgrade this house and keep it for myself so I also bought kitchen units for it. Although I'd really like to keep the cabinets it makes sense to offer them for sale with the house as an optional extra because the kitchen has been slightly re-sized to accommodate them -  a new owner might not be so lucky finding cabinets that will fit so perfectly. 

Of course I couldn't resist making-over the cabinets. Like the house itself, the first step was deconstruction. The drawer handles weren't right for a kitchen, the sink was totally wrong in every aspect (and had only one tap!) and the black on the counter tops too harsh for cabinets that have vintage features. 

It's well on it's way to having a totally new look, will share that with you soon - promise!