Monday, July 26, 2010

Pretty gifts from friends

Thank you so much Ana for these pretty jugs! The filigree jug is a 'companion' to one Ana sent me some time ago, they'll make a beautiful pair together. I'm sorry the photo doesn't do justice at all to the handpainted paper jug - I don't seem to be able to get the macro focus right today which is a pity :( The deep purple and red colours are fantastic, and the design is wonderful. Ana also sent me another lovely tatted doiley so now I'll be able to mount and frame them as a pair - how lucky I am!! Ana is an accomplished artist and miniaturist, her blog, Arts and Miniatures, has good quality photos of her incredible work so please visit her and see for yourself.

And I have a second surprise package, this one is from Flora...

Everything is just perfect for the French apartment, thank you so much Flora! A little 'shabby' and oh so 'chic' :) There are lots more pretty creations just like these on Flora's blog - click here to visit her.

The second semester has started so I'm back at university again which means I need to be "head down and tail up" for a few weeks. That'll mean I won't have much time to spend in Blogland, but I do hope to keep an eye on what's going on so even if I'm not commenting on your posts you can be sure I'll be lurking over your shoulder somewhere, sometime ;)


Sans! said...

I wonder about going back to school all the time :) to do art history but I don't know. :) Is it fun, Norma :)??

Your gifts are gorgeous. I have problems taking macro pics . I only discovered last month (after 2 years !!) that my camera has an "extreme close up" function..hahaha!

Margaret said...

Lovely gifts Norma and don't work tooo hard but hope your class is going well!

Susan said...

Gorgeous gifts Norma! You'll be missed in blogland but I bet you enjoy your studies.

Eva said...

Congratulations Norma!!
We will mis you!

Glenda said...

Ana's minis are beautiful, as are Flora's!!

I had a lovely birthday with a very welcome chat in the morning!! ;)

Merry Jingle said...

Wonderful gifts :) And have "fun" at school :D

The Old Maid said...

Beautiful minis! Congrats Norma!

PAKY said...

You're so lucky Norma, are wonderful gifts, congratulations for have a lot of good friends, you deserves! hugs

miniacollection said...

Beautiful gifts.

Meli said...

Congratulations for such lovely gifts!!!
Have fun at school and hope to see you very soon in blogland!!!
Warms regards,

Flora said...

Dear Norma, I am happy that everything has come full. I'll be honored to see my modest creations in your French room :-)
The pitcher filigree is beautiful: how many talented people on Blog!
I make lots of wishes for the new semester, and when you want, I'm here :-)

Iris said...

Congratulations! Gorgeous gifts. Wonderful jugs.

Nancy said...

Lovely gifts Norma.
I want to wish you very much succes and pleasure with your study.
Gr. Nancy

Cinderella Moments said...

Cute stuff! Have fun in school and thanks for all the lovely comments and blog post you did for me!

Norma said...

Thanks everyone for your comments, and your good wishes for this semester's study :)

To answer your question Sans - is it fun? Language classes are fun I think, others maybe not 'fun' but most are interesting - even the ones that make my brain want to explode because they are difficult! (And I've got a few of those coming up this semester!) You should definately look further into the Arts History degree, it's obvious from your blog that you are interested in researching your projects, might as well put all that effort it to good use :)

Carolyn said...

Hi Norma

What lovely presents!! You must be so pleased with them!!! I particularly love that beautiful filigree jug....did Ana make it???? It is gorgeous!!!

I hope your studies go well ... and that it is fun!

Suzanne said...

Wonderful gifts Norma,
Love them all,especially the jugs!
Good luck with your study!

Maria Jose said...

Wonderful gifts !!!

The Visionary Butterfly said...

Hi Norma,

thank you and I hope to return to my miniature focus. Your second package with the table, tray etc is to die for. How blessed you are to have such talented and generous mini friends!

Mimmi said...

Hi Norma! You are the winner of my give-away! I just need your address so I can send you the prize.

Anne Mari

Ticking and Toile said...

oh rats & I just found you!

Yeah, I've wondered about going back to school as well....good luck my dear!


Ana said...

Thank you Norma, I´m so glad you
liked the gifts.

Sandra from Sydney said...

Hi Norma - have just spent ages having a look at your lovely blog after you found mine vbg! And I've followed through looking at a couple that you follow too - a lovely way to spend the day.

I went back to uni to study too, then again to do a postgrad degree so I know the work it is - but I loved every minute of it! All the best. Sandra (Snippets from my studio).