Friday, June 10, 2011

I have blogged myself silly this week - but not for me!

My friend, Rowan Bishop, Foodwriter
Since arriving back from New Zealand last Sunday night I've spent many hours "ghost" blogging for a Foodwriter friend I'm helping out with her brand new blog.  She is my oldest friend and a very intelligent and accomplished woman but put her in front of a computer and she'll be the first to admit that all her powers mysteriously desert her.  Having been the one who bullied talked her into starting a blog about her food and travel adventures (currently several weeks in France and Italy) it seemed only fair that I help her out when she found herself faced with all kinds of problems including having the Dashboard language change to French (I don't know if she's got it back to English yet but last I heard she was thinking of throwing her laptop out of the window of her gite).   Anyway, because it's a brand new blog I have had the feeling that I've been pretty much talking to myself all week so if you'd like to join the conversation pay 'us' a visit at her blog "Rowan Bishop Foodwriter" - a word or two would give both of us a great deal of comfort and encouragement! :)

By the way I certainly can't take all the credit for how the blog looks.  The basic Blogger template was styled (brought to life!) by my talented daughter-in-law Lamina who created the header and co-ordinated the fonts and colours with the cover of Rowan's new cookbook.  It's been a wonderful foundation to build on and I've appreciated having her to run ideas by this week. 

All that blogging elsewhere has left me with a brain that is now about as much use as a fried computer chip so I must apologise - I'd fully intended to blog today about my recent visits with Carolyn, Mercedes and Frederica but it'll have to be next week ... sorry about that because I know you want to hear all about it, and I want to show you the gorgeous little gifts these generous women gave me, but please bear with me - I'll get to it as soon as my circuits recover :) 

To visit Rowan's blog click here, and here to visit Lamina

Photo of Rowan in her kitchen by Chris Hillock, Photographer  published courtesy of Foodtown Magazine


rosanna said...

Now my curiosity has been aroused, I'm going ! Minihugs Rosanna

Anonymous said...

I'll definitely pop over for a look. And I'm looking forward to hearing about your N.Z. socializing.


Glenda said...

Have taken a peek at both blogs - well done all round for presentation and content!
And Rowan's Mexican chowder looks fab!
x Glenda

Monica said...

Whoa ... you've certainly been a busy girl, and her blog looks wonderful. I've been to Auxerre, and it appears a magical city when view from the road, with the bridge lights wavering in the river, and the town spires rising into the lavender skies of gloamin'. A sight I'll never forget! I'm trying the recipe tonight ...