Friday, April 27, 2012

Renovation Rescue completed at last!

Although more items need to be added (the living room and master bedroom are looking particularly bare!) the house is finally ready to be delivered to its new owners.   One of the things that held me up for quite a while was deciding what to do about getting more light into the bathroom.  I thought about installing a battery light fitting but eventually decided against it and instead cut a hole in the roof and inserted a little skylight, it's only small but it's made all the difference.  It opens so if in the future when the girls are a little older I decide to put in lighting it'll be easy enough to get access.

So here it is - ready to be delivered to its new owners very soon :) 

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The little bear at the foot of the bed was made by my cousin Lillian - it should be holding a striped lollipop which I put in a 'really safe place' so it wouldn't get lost but now I can't find it - I'm sure it will turn up again soon :)

Fortunately both of the new owners' names being with "A".
I knitted the little doll ages ago, now she has a home :)
Fimo fairy and bunny by Lillian.

Master bedroom needs a set of drawers or wardrobe to complete it.

 Cushions by Lamina
you can see the post about her screen prnted 1:1 cushions and their 1:12 copies here
Tiny cottage is pewter, I'm going to try to replicate it in airdrying clay

Cupcake poster design by Lamina 
to see a collection of Lamina's screen printing posts click here
Tea set by Lillian

Just to remind you how the house looked when I rescued it from being thrown into the garbage truck...
When I picked it up it had flooring and internal partitions, I had pulled them out to make cleaning easier before taking this pic. They were strengthened before being put back in and another partition installed in the top floor to make the bathroom and hallway space.

Well, it wasn't impossible but it certainly wasn't without it's challenges and it would have been much easier and quicker to have started a new house from scratch.  Still, there is some satisfaction in having 'rescued' this previously well loved little house for its new owners to enjoy.


Lucille said...

Congratulations, Norma, on a job well done. I think you deserve a medal! Those girls will be so happy! I love that little doll you knitted. Was she from a kit by Helen Cox from bitsbobuy? Because I have a similar kit that I will soon be knitting.

Norma said...

Thanks Lucille :)

The little doll is made using 1 ply tapestry wool from a pattern in the book "Doll's House Needlecrafts" by Venus Dodge. This is a great book that I'd recommend as it's got lots of projects for furniture and furnishings as well as clothing and household accessories. It covers knitting, sewing and embroidery projects as well as various baskets using moulded tapestry canvas.

Linda Carswell said...

Every little girls dream....I am sure she will be so excited to receive it....well done Norma!!!!!

dollhouse miniature said...

I love the natural lighting coming in the windows. From the right angle you almost forget that you are looking at a miniature house.

Josje said...

What a difference! You have done a wonderful job Norma. I love the colours you have used. I am sure this will be a much loved house!

Rosethé said...

quels changements. Belle rénovation de cette petite maison
un petit miracle ;-))

rosanna said...

It is so cute ! They will love it to bits and will play with it till it will fall apart again ;o) this would give you the chance to redecorate it.It's truly lovely and I'd have killed for it when I were a little girl. Rosanna

Begoña Calo said...

has hecho muy buenos cambios, la renovación ha sido un éxito, te ha quedado preciosa.

lamina@do a bit said...

Wow... it looks so cute! The girls are going to totally LOVE it! :)

debbie's mini thoughts and creations said...

norma, what a great transformation,
I love the decor you chose, it all looks lovely, well done x

Anonymous said...

looks brilliant - well done!! Doris

Pepper said...

Wow, Norma! You've done a fabulous job of the renovations. I'm sure the new owners will love it =0)

Susanna Zanchi said...

hello! worderful your house!

Lara said...

Wonderful job!

17-17 said...

Norma you've done a really great thing! it's great that you saved the house,
otherwise, the house perished with the rest of the garbage! but now has its wonderful appearance. I imagine how long it took you to this project but it was worth it!
A tiny teddy bear is so cute, your cousin has a great talent!
I really like the smallest house on a windowsill, a pity that the picture is from a distance.

Helena said...

Felicidades!! Te ha quedado muy bien el cambio!!

Sirkku said...

This house is very fresh! I like much about the colours and atmosphere in your upstairs.
Hugs, Sirkku

Fabiola said...

You've done a great job. This house is very nice. I like the colors and furniture.
Bye Faby

Claudia said...

Norma, you did such a wonderful job on this house. It needed to be rescued and you were the one to do it!

She's going to love it!


Plushpussycat said...

This is so adorable, Norma! What little girl wouldn't love it?! I'm so glad you rescued that house. The result is fantastic! :-) Jennifer

Lucille said...

Norma, thanks so much for the name of that book. It sounds so interesting. Now, I must absolutely have it. So, I'm heading for Amazon. I have such a soft spot when it comes to books!

Cinderella Moments said...

I love the way you have a pink and blue room mirroring each other. It looks splendid. Such whimsy! I also love the color of the kitchen. This house is all cuteness. Terrific job!

SaMiRa73 said...

Norma, it is so cute and sunny and the girls will be over the moon with it :-) little one would love to come playing with it, too!
Hugs, Sandra

Maria Ireland said...

Norma congratulations on the fantastic house. Its beautiful and so many wonderful details. The little doll is beautiful.
Hugs Maria

carmen said...

buen trabajo!

christine said...

its a sweet little house and now it will be doing what it was originally made for... to give pleasure. lovely job. :)

Flora said...

Dear Norma, new generations are cues from the outset, so that they develop the healthy principles of life :-)
The house is a love and I'm looking for someone like this to adapt to new shabby cottage ... I love the work you did :-)
Mini hugs,

beachcomber said...

omg it's beautiful norma!! great job.

M Carmen Casanova said...

Un gran trabajo. Ha quedado una preciosa casita que seguro encantará a sus nuevas dueñas. Un beso.

Mini Dork said...

what a fantastic restoration. The new owners look thrilled and the house and all of your little details are just fabulous! Congratulations!!