Monday, April 15, 2013

French kitchen and dining reveal

At last!!  The light was bright but not direct sun this afternoon so at last I had the right conditions for a photo shoot, and a working internet connection to share the results - yipee!

There are still some small details (including lighting) to complete but this is pretty much how la cuisine and la salle a manger will look when completely finished. 

la cuisine




 la salle à manger

These two rooms are full of wonderful gifts and purchases from fabulous friends in the miniature blogging world, specifically:

Apron - Frederica
Canisters, white jug and tiny whisk - Carrie Lavender
Floral plates in kitchen and dining - Carolyn
Colourful French jug (top shelf) - Ana
Tiny plant in yellow pot - Mercedes
Tray - Rosanna Rolla - sorry Rosanna for turning it upside-down and not noticing!
The retro style fridge is by Dolls House Emporium (I think no longer available). It was originally a pale peppermint green, my thanks to my son who spray painted it for me - who would have thought that Warhammer paints would be so useful for a French kitchen!.  The badge is an old Frigidaire one found on the internet.
Basket - Lidi
Table - Mercedes
Cushion - Margaret
Cafe sign - Wanda
Vintage French postcards, mail and pretty box on the floor beside the table - Linda Carswell
Chair made by me but inspiration and pattern by  Lea Frisoni
Many thanks to all of the above miniaturists for their special contribution to this project, and to miniature bloggers everywhere for your constant inspiration with special thanks to Lea Frisoni, the Queen of Miniature Shabby French.  


Fi.P said...

Hi Norma,

You French Kitchen and Dinning looks so pretty, I just love that shot with the window open, I could hear the french music floating in from the street below.....just gorgeous.

Much Love,

Fi xx

mcddiss said...

un trabajo precioso , me encanta cada detalle que has puesto y si encima hay regalos de amigos , que mas se puede pedir ?



Susan@minicrochetmad said...

Oh Norma, your kitchen is so warm and inviting and wonderful I believe I can smell something appetizing in the oven! Clever lady!!!

Anonymous said...

wow!! this looks amazing! well done. I bet this is where Emily would cook lovely meals for herself before she goes out to twirl with gentlemen at dances! Doris

Anna said...

Beautiful, Norma. Very Parisian and very inviting!

Sam said...

This is really beautiful! Love the the photos of your work.

afairytalecometruewyrna said...

It is a beautiful "la cuisine" lovely colors, fine walls, fine door, lovely and beautiful details. Very beautiful and I love looking at your pictures again and again.
The dinning place is really nice and cozy and fits so well in style.
Great to hear from you again.

miniacollection said...

I love it, it's full of charm.

Kim said...

gorgeous! I love it all- the stove is very nice and I really like the pictures on the shutters. What a wonderful collection of minis from so many talented artists!

John said...

Simply gorgeous! Your photos are superb and capture all the tiny nuances and details.

Marisa said...

it's like actually being, it makes you want to reach out and touch everything in the photos

Tessa Liduina said...

How romantic is your scene; it's so perfect. A miniature "dream" .

Flora said...

Oh Norma, you have done a wonderful job (wait was worth it!)
You breathe a Parisian air :-)
I agree with you that make the collection of objects made ​​by others enrich the project of a miniaturist of a thousand different shades.
The sink area is my favorite :-)
Lovely hugs, my friend

Kleine Vingers said...

Love this little kitchen and dining area. Just want to sit down, enjoy a café au lait and a croissant.
Miniature greetings

Susanne said...

Such a cute little kitchen, I like it being so narrow, it makes it so cosy!
Hugs, Susanne

Pepper said...

Just lovely Norma. I adore that green/sage colour

SaMiRa73 said...

Norma, it´s gorgeous! I love your style and the colors you chose and it is so interesting to be able to follow the progress of your work!
Hugs, Sandra

Sans! said...

Norma, I really like what you have done so far! This little space has so much personality! The gifts may be diverse but you have managed to put them together so harmoniously that they looked like they were all made by you specially for this.

It is so pretty the whole house can be this kitchen and I can still be very happy! :)

Ilona said...

Norma, everything looks so pretty and cosy, I especially like the colors, they are very French!
It is great of you to have placed the gifts of other miniaturists in this scene, how thoughtful!
Hugs, Ilona

Drora's minimundo said...

A very charming kitchen. I love every little detail and the way you managed to find a place for all the wonderful gifts from your friends. Thanks for sharing.
Hugs, Drora

Helena said...

La cocina te ha quedado genial!! Me encanta, no le faltan detallitos!!
Besos, Helena

Margaret said...

Hi Norma, Wow I love your rooms, especially the colours in the kitchen, on the doors, and all the little accessories make look so real and very French.

Lucille said...

Hi Norma! What a charming little space! You have completely captured the essence of a grungy French kitchen and dining area. You have done such a fantastic patina on the cupboards and stove. I also love the sink area and the built in shelves. All the little accessories contribute to the over all relaxed mood of the space. Flower pots on the window and seeing the fridge through the window! You have encouraged me so much by showing all that can be achieved in a small space! I love, love, love it!

Rosethé said...

une ambiance désuète, pleine de charme !

Ana said...

Preciosa cocina!! muy buen trabajo y muy conseguido ese estilo que nos gusta tanto. Me ha encantado!!!

sognatriceabordo said...


Léa said...

Oh, dear Norma, I like when you write in French ( I'm sure to understand … Lol ).
Your « cuisine » is so pretty, and I'm really happy to help you to realize your dreams ...

I am touched by your special mention to me and my work, I really appreciate it. ♥

You chose wonderful accessories created by adorable artists ( and it's nice to see their names ), obviously it gives a result full of personality and warmth to the fabulous work you made to give the French essence to your rooms, it is me who thank you for sharing this. Hugs, ♥ Léa

Unknown said...

Your kitchen and dining has so much charme, lovely colors and I want to visit. You have done a wonderful job.

Sirkku Saukonoja said...

I love the scene in your kitchen!
Hugs, Sirkku

Plushpussycat said...

Wow! This looks amazing, Norma! What beautiful work. You must feel such a sense of satisfaction in completing such a gorgeous project. Congratulations on a job well done. xo Jennifer

Linda said...

So, so charming.

Daydreamer said...

Your little Kitchen is So Unbelievably Charming!!! It is so well put together and beautifully arranged.... it looks so real!!! I LOVE the colors and all the details you have fit into such a small space! It feels like a Kitchen I would Love to spend time in!

Muriellisa said...


Ana said...

Norma I love both your work and also your photos it looks a real interior.

Nina in Germany said...

Wonderful - so real !!
I am so impressed.

sognatriceabordo said...

Hi Norma, these are amazing pics... Great job! :)

Teruka said...

I love it! Wonderful kitchen

elizabeth s said...

Hi Norma! I think that you have a most attractive French kitchen and I am very impressed with the way that you have made a very narrow space seem to be bigger than it is! Good space planning! The blue door at the back of the kitchen. is that a pantry? It is a nice color and the walls are done with such an authentic finish that is very in keeping with the atmosphere of the room. It is all Delightful!
Now what's for dinner?


Deni said...

Hi Norma
How are you doing?
Long time no post from me!
This latest mini is sweet love it!
Im a fair way into scrapbooking now not minis, shame I do love them as much! just a whole lot of work!
lovely to see your new minis!
Hope all is well!

Sandra said...

The kitchen and dining rooms are so full of character and have so many details - I'm really looking forward to seeing it in person. There is a truly French atmosphere. Hugs Sandie

Deni said...

I love Mecedes Table would look great in my bakery mmmm!
love this little Kitchen

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

I saw a photo on Pinterest and it linked here.

Your work is absolutely amazing! Who wouldn't love this doll house kitchen full size. WOW!

C said...

Norma, I have finally had some time to really catch up on my favourite blogs. Your kitchen is divine. I LOVE it. Thank you too for putting up all those links. So useful. Your tea towels and clothes are super too. In fact everything is great! Mini hugs, Carol :)

Deni said...

Norma its just really beautiful!
You have wonderful Mini friends to send such sweet bits and pieces to make it really looked lived in!
Love IT!!!!