Thursday, February 12, 2015

Sharing the Facebook Art Challenge - Day 5

On this, the final day of the Art Challenge, I'm challenging my friend Monica Roberts @ Hither, Thither & Yon a wonderful photographer and miniaturist, and send my thanks to Frederica @ Frederica's Little World  and Lorraine Robinson @ Fairy Meadow Miniatures for challenging me to show my work. Many thanks too to everyone who has responded with comments - every one of them is truly appreciated.

Today I'm sharing three of my favourites. Hopefully something will spark a creative thought that you can use in your own projects. For me that's the whole point of sharing creative endeavours. Of course it's nice to show the fruits of your labours and greatly encouraging to have it well received but the best thing of all is that by sharing we inspire and encourage each other to keep on creating and developing our own interests and styles.

The bathroom and hallway are on the 1st floor of the 1:12 scale Parisian apartment. The image on the left shows how the bathroom looks through the window, and if you look through the doorway you can see part of the upper floor hallway. On the far wall you can just see the cupboard. It will be almost entirely hidden from view when the wall that divides the hallway from the bedroom in front of it is put in place. The only possible glimpse will be through the bathroom exactly as you see here. I suppose it could be considered, then, that it was a waste of time doing anything with this cupboard at all but I really wanted to do it properly for my own satisfaction. It's very shallow (about 1 cm only) but I wanted to try out creating the illusion of proper depth. I think it's worked fairly well.

This is the Parisian kitchen from outside looking in. I think there's something extra charming about mini rooms viewed from the outside, perhaps it's just that it's a different perspective because we're so used to seeing everything 'front on'. I bought the lavender at a minis fair, the tiny plant is by Mercedes @ Liberty Biberty and the apron on the far wall by Frederica. The windows are handmade - something I'd never do again! Way too much trouble although I do like the look of them, not perfect as factory made so they contribute to the overall softer/aged look I suppose.

I made this little French artist's attic in a fake book (which is really a storage box) as a Christmas gift for my artistic daughter-in-law Lamina @ doabit. The life-drawing and landscape sketches are Lamina's own work, copied and resized. It's one of my favourite projects.

So, that's it for mini strolls down memory lane, time to get on and do some new work!! Goodness knows there's plenty of it to do including finishing the Parisian apartment and Brocante and lots to do for upcoming fairs. Thanks again for following along and for your encouraging comments! 


jean-claude said...

Votre challenge est bien réussi Norma, félicitations. Le placard semble vraiment profond ;-)

Elizabeth S said...

Thank You for this revisit of your Bathroom, hall closet and the peek through the kitchen window! I have been enamored with this house since you began and I am so glad to hear that you are planning on finishing it. I think that making the viewer work for their reward of seeing spaces that are difficult to access, makes the visit to a doll's house very much like an adventure.
And very satisfying too! Congratulations on finishing the challenge Norma; Good on Ya!!! :D

Eliana said...

Oh, Norma! Beautiful works!

Daydreamer said...

I Love your Parisian Apartment, Norma! It is details like the filled Invisible cupboard that make minis like yours so real! I think they contribute a huge amount to the overall project! Same is true with the hand made details like your kitchen windows... after all, it the older buildings everything was hand made originally, there were no factory made inserts! LOL!
I hope you show us what you are currently working on!

minwks said...

Hi Norma, Yes! Congratulations on taking up the challenge and also for finishing the challenge. I did enjoy watching to see what would happen next. The little Parisian apartment is wonderful and all minis take on a different atmosphere when viewed through the windows and in different lights. The little cupboard was well worth finishing. It pulls the eye further than the bathroom.
Thank you for sharing these with us.
regards Janine

Sarah said...

I really love that cupboard! The windows, I can understand why you wouldn't want to make them again, but they are lovely and worth it. Thanks for the link to Linda's blog, I don't think I was aware of her.

Sarah :)

Sandra said...

Thank you for the review of those lovely rooms in your French house. Your work is truly amazing and I love the detail that you include, like the cupboard filled with interesting things that will only be seen through the bathroom door. Details like that add to the realism that you also achieve in each and every item included in the rooms. Wonderful work!