Saturday, September 19, 2015

A different perspective

This isn't the most attractive view of the Brocante and two floor apartment but it does put the building as a whole into perspective. Today's job is to drill the holes and make wiring grooves for the lighting in the middle floor hallway, living room, kitchen and dining space and then do the same for the top floor. Theoretically the interior should all come together quite quickly once that's done. 

Some of the bits and pieces from the kitchen shelves came loose 'in transit' and are now in a box waiting to be glued in shortly. 

The cream upper hallway door mentioned in the previous post has now been more or less restored to how it looked before I added the offending coat of pale grey glaze and I'm definitely not touching it again!


Annie Fryd said...

HI Norma,I couldn´t help smiling when thinking of you as a nomad travelling around with your 3 floor house under one arm. What an epic pic!

It all comes together so wonderfully and I am looking forward to see the progress when the lightning is done.

I hope you´ll follow my making of the Tasha Tudor cottage and garden on I am using that blog know instead of the old GypsyBoudoir.

I am quite exited on that project and at the moment it the garden that takes up most of my attention and crafting time.

Hugs to you from your miniature twin in Denmark

PILAR6373 said...

Tu casa avanza muy bien,se ve tan bonita!!!! me gustan los tonos cálidos y la distribución,va a resultar magnífica!!!!!

Rosa said...

Preciosa !! . Me gusta como te esta quedando

Daydreamer said...

Hi Norma! I LOVE to see the whole house perspective... especially not all assembled! It makes the work you are doing so much more obvious.... and we are all learning new things from seeing other builds in their "bare bones"! I can't wait to see how it all comes together once you have your lighting in place! It is all looking wonderful to me.... every "shabby" piece!!!

minwks said...

Good Morning Norma,,
Thinking of you as you meander through others lives while seeking your own special place. I cannot get my head into mini space while we travel or even during summer. It seems to be a winter endeavour.
Today we are experiencing heavy rains..The trees are sighing with relief after an extended dry summer, our bees seem confused as most of them have not experienced rain in their short lives.
Off to a composting course this morning. Yes, I am known as the composting queen and take it seriously.

It is most interesting to see your house size . I enjoy seeing the process and experiencing the transformation when the furnishing and accessories bring it to life.
Take care. Regards Janine

Irene said...

I love watching a build in progress and seeing how all the rooms relate to one another. This is coming along really well.

Janice said...

It is so interesting to see the house develop like this, it looks very complicated but I know you will bring it all together.

Fabulously Small said...

it's great to see it this way Norma, being able to put rooms where there situated. It's a great project!

Sarah said...

I love this view. Recently saw a house that had been partially demolished and it looked just like this. Unsettling but fascinating! :D