Thursday, May 6, 2010

Fabulous gifts from Finland!

I'm sure that there's been some sort of a time warp and it's Christmas already because I'm overwhelmed with gifts, and this one comes from near Santa's home - it's from dear Ira (merryjinglecrafts) in Finland. And if you think I've been good and resisted that chocolate bar you're very much mistaken - that's only the empty wrapper - it was delicious!!

Now for the eye-candy ...

Looking good enough to eat is the bread selection (in fact Ira's dogs think this stuff IS good enough to eat which is why her 'top secret' bakery product, the "nadas" are missing and were substituted for by the chocolate bar!)

and the sweet treats selection

AND the black and white 'home wares' selection (the little thread just right for Rosanna's sewing box)

AND the fabric and trim selection (the 'basket weave' is wonderfully soft silk)

AND the most incredible selection of filigree 'findings' I've ever seen (largest measures 5 cm, smallest 1.5)

AND a selection of art that I just adore and is perfect for the Boutique d'antiquités et brocante, and the apartment above - there's a mention of that as yet unseen apartment again... ;)

AND a selection of the TINIEST things

The little Eiffel Tower is teetering on a piece of Ira's handmade figue-coffee soap, and the little 'gold' cup on a piece of Marseille soap. The little 'ink-well' will go on the desk in the study of the 1:16 house. Isn't that little copper wagon just the most gorgeous little thing you've ever seen? And the wheels go around! Ira tells me the wagon and the metal findings are from Etsy stores. Ira perhaps you could make a comment here that includes the web address for these sellers because maybe others are interested in 'shopping' there - unless of course it's your 'secret' source!! LOL

AND one of my favourites of Ira's handmade pieces - a 'rustic' birdcage

The variety of these gifts reflects Ira's diverse tastes and talents. She is the Donald Trump of the mini world - the only woman I know who bought several mini properties, at once, on a whim! Click here to read the post confessing her shopping extravaganza :) If you don't know Ira's blog then you don't know what you're missing - visit her soon - she'll entertain you, motivate you and amaze you - often all at once.

Thanks again Ira - with so many wonderful things scattered about my mini rooms (many no more than mini-plans at present LOL - you know me - expert procrastinator and perfectionist all rolled into one - a hell of a combination!) there will always be something nearby that says "Hello, I'm from Finland" :)


Glenda said...

Ira's output of lovely minis is nothing short of amazing!! I think she has a time turner like Hermione did in one of the Harry Potter movies, you know, where she can re-live the same hours over and over to get three days' work into one?
Fabulous minis from a generous lady!!

Catherine said...

How nice, so many great mini's.
You do seem to have been showered with gifts latey. :-) It must feel like Christmas.

Margaret said...

Lovely gifts Norma, you will have fun finding spots for them. GWE
I bet you can't decipher that! hehe

Merry Jingle said...

Oh Norma, I'm blushing - your so nice :) The wagon is from this seller and the filigree stuff from here

You can find the most amazing things for dollhouses from the jewellery stuff, but beaware, you'll be spending hours and hours just looking :D

Glenda - don't I wish :D I have to admit that I'm quite successfully avoiding housework to have time for minies :D And I'm a list maniac - I do a long list of things to be done for the day and get grumpy if I haven't done them - which seems to be the deal every evening as I do too loooong lists always :D

Happy that you liked your stuff Norma :)

Flora said...

Dear Norma, first congratulations for your 200 followers!
Me apparent, that with the gifts of Ira you can celebrate with dignity. They are all beautiful ...
Perhaps it will seem stupid but I love ... the pieces of soap :-)

all kinds of everything said...

All the minis are very lovely.The bread is great!
I am going to visit Ira's blog!
Thanks for sharing

rosanna said...

Lovely, so lovely ! I love when the mailman arrives. It's like being a kid again, isn't it? The bird cage will be perfect (like all the other goodies) in your shop. Minihugs Rosanna

Meli said...

Norma, my congratulations to you for such lovely minis!!!
It's like if Santa arrive at home!!
Enjoy them!!!
Warm regards,

Marion said...

Hi Norma, I left the answer to your question on my blog. Sorry, noticed it only today. Great gifts you got. I like the black and white theme. Bye for now

Sabiha Barkey said...

It looks like Christmas for you indeed! Wonderful gifts you have received from a lovely mini friend!

And, thank you for following me,haha!


Marion said...

I wish you luck with the easy cutter. Bought it locally from somebody who had a miniatures shop at the time. She had to specially order them, from the USA I believe. However, if you can lay your hands on one, they are the best tool every! Cheers

Jean Day said...

Wow, you are so lucky!! Such wonderful pieces! You will have so much fun with them all.

PAKY said...

wow!! so many gifts!! are wonderful, enjoy it Norma, are lovely minis!! hugs

Peach Blossom Hill said...

I was the lucky recipient of a treasure trove of goodies from Ira, too and love them! Oh, I love that little wagon. I hope I can find one!


Claudia said...

Hi Norma,

I'd love to send you my snail mail address, but I can't find your email address on your profile.

If you go to my profile - you will find my email. Can you email me and then I'll reply with my address?

I would so love to hold a koala bear someday. I can't imagine how happy that would make me!

In the meantime, I would love a softy koala!


synnøve said...

Hi Norma,
It must be a real feast these days with all those lovely delivery's from the postman!!!
Need your snail mail too.....
my e-mail is on my profile :D
synnøve :)

Sandy @ My Shabby Streamside Studio said...

It's all so very sweet!

I may not comment all the time, but know that I read you all the time.


Sandy @ My Shabby Streamside Studio

Marion said...

I don't know if you would notice a response on my blog, so I came back to yours :-) You've hit the jackpot with your easy cutter, I think, because I can not replace blades, and you can do better precision cutting with yours as I don't have that special attachment. Well done! As for the liquid nails, I have not attempted to clean up straight after, so I don't know about a damp cloth, but did the cleaning up when everything was thoroughly set and dry. It goes rock hard, but can be cleaned away with a sharp chisel, but mind your fingers! Cheers and have fun when your easy cutter arrives.

Marit said...

Hi Norma,

Of course you may use the photo's on my blog, as long as you tell where the photo is coming from.(Is 'as long as' correct English? It feels right, but when I look at the meaning of the words, I might be translating my Dutch too literal. But I'm sure you'll understand.)

It's funny how we seem to go through phases in life. I already have plans for a next birdcage, thinking of how wood could give an extra dimension to it. So birdcages now, what will be next?
I really wonder if I everget a dollshouse finished...

Don't worry, I still enjoying fiddling with the wood lathe as well. Already have a few candlesticks, also played with different materials, seems a kind of stage I need to go through each time. But you'll see...