Tuesday, September 7, 2010

1:12 or 1:1 - I want this!

Stine's blog (Vintage Chic) is one of my favourite places to visit for inspiration, this is from her latest post featuring Olsson & Jensen -I just love it. Olsson & Jensen have some really interesting pieces in various styles including grunge, colourful Indian inspired and retro. Click here to visit them if you're looking for something different to jumpstart your mini (or 1:1!) decor dreaming.

Photo credit: Olsson & Jensen, my source Vintage Chic


Francesca said...

My dear Norma, how are you?........This image is fantastic, I love it.................

Margaret said...

Great shot Norma, love the mirror and the candelabra at the back, some inspiration for a new design! Will check out the links.

Sans! said...

Love the picture Norma and everything in it.

I am glad everything's ok at your end:)

Claudia said...

I visit Stine's blog, too. It is really gorgeous!


Cinderella Moments said...

I love the finish on the wall!!! I absolutely love doing these treatments in my dollhouses. The mirror and chair are to die for!


Laurinha said...

Olá Norma!!!
Obrigada por sua visita e por ter gostado do meu trabalho. Volte sempre!
Adoro seu blog e suas minis, particularmente amo a foto antiga de sua mãe.

Lara said...

It´s a lovely picture. I would like to have it in 1:1 & 1:12 just like you :-)
I love this style and it would fit perfectly in my scandinavian style!
(in my dollshouse, my real house is more eclectic)

Flora said...

Dear Norma, a little greeting, as a bit of time we have no news.
Here in Italy the summer is ending and we all return to normal activities ..
The cold and the weather will be won with miniatures!
Thank you for sharing this wonderful link: although my husband shaking with fear every time I discover new sites furniture ...
A big and affectionate hug, Flora

Laurinha said...

Obrigada por seguir meu blog. Espero ter sua contribuição para melhorar meu trabalho.

The Visionary Butterfly said...

oh my goodness the wall and chair are amazing! I want a wall like this.