Monday, June 16, 2014

The two week transformation challenge - Part 2

How lucky that the sun is shining today after a dismal weekend. Perfect weather for painting. The inside surfaces now have a good layer of undercoat to seal the surface ready for the new wallpaper. 

I decided to follow the manufacturer's process of using a real wallpaper as it has the advantage of durability and speed of application. I went to the local wallpaper shop expecting quite a range of options to choose from but nothing on display was suitable at all. I explained to the owner that I only needed one roll, or even a part of a roll, in a light neutral colour with no, or a very fine, texture. When she returned from the backroom I didn't know whether to laugh or cry - 3 of the 4 rolls she had were almost exactly the same as what I'd stripped off! Yes they were light and neutral in colour but the texture was totally out of scale. 

The saving grace was the roll of almost white Scandinavian design paper from Fiona Wall-design in Poland. It has very tiny blue/grey specks that give it a bit of warmth. This paper will pick up any grey or blue in furnishings and accessories while at the same time providing a nice neutral backdrop for other colour palettes. And if will, of course, be possible to add another layer of paper over it in the future if desired. 

The next job for today is painting all the windows and doors, they don't really need it but I figure that if everything else is getting a 'face-lift' they deserve a coat of paint too.  

Thanks for all your encouraging comments so far!!  Now it's back to work for me ... 


The grandmommy said...

Great! I love it when I get just the right thing. :-)

Steinworks said...

Good luck with the new Paper :)

Plushpussycat said...

Glad you found something that will work! Fun hearing about your progress! xo Jennifer

PAKY said...

It's a hard work, but I think the challenge will be overtaken! A big hug!

Elizabeth S said...

WoW Norma! You have certainly taken on a Challenge of a Big Sort! I admire your determination to get the job done within such a deadline.
The house has some good bones I think, so with all of the extra tweaking that you are doing, will make it a real winner! :))