Monday, March 29, 2010

The mailman's been to my place again... thanks Jody!

Recently I got all pouty about how the availability of mini stuff, especially the often blogged about Michael's hutches, seems so much greater in the US than way down-under here in Australia. Click here to read the original post.

Dear Jody at Peach Blossom Hill took pity on me and kindly offered to send a mini 'care package' of a Michael's hutch and some other goodies - how could I refuse?? After some back and forth chat Ira at Merry Jingle Crafts and I both arranged to do a swap with Jody. This is the wonderful array of goodies that I received from Jody a few days ago...

Not just one hutch but THREE, two Eiffel Tower charms (sooooooo cute!), two lovely pieces of fabric, and two pretty floral printies - thank you Jody!!

Also included in the package was a beautiful hydrangea arrangement handmade by Jody that I purchased from her Etsy store, I'm so pleased with it. You can see one of these hydrangea arrangements on Jody's recent blog post -

The gorgeous little fuzzy peaches and the sofa, as well as other wonderful minis (including beautiful upholstered pieces) and lovely (top quality) fabrics, are also for sale at Jody's Etsy store, click here to visit and see them for yourself.

Bless you for your big, kind heart Jody, you're a very special lady :)


Peach Blossom Hill said...

What a wonderful post, Norma! I so appreciate your mentioning my little Etsy shop and I'm so glad you liked the items--I love what Ira did with her's! I couldn't believe they were the simple little Michael's hutches! And thank you again for calling me! I told my friends in church choir about it yesterday! I will post about what you and Ira sent me when they arrive! So excited!


Norma said...

You are more than welcome Jody. I hope that readers of this post will pop over to Ira's blog and see what she's done with hers already, she's a fast worker that girl! Me, I'm the queen of procrastination ;)

It seems to be taking forever for you to receive the parcels from Ira and me. Maybe there is a hold up with security checks at the US postal service, it's probably more strict than here. Although all incoming mail is xrayed I think it's more for drugs and bio-security. However for outgoing international mail there is quite a procedure. I presume that when you get my parcel the 'ID recorded' sticker will still be on it - when we post anything more than a letter overseas we have to show photo ID and details of that, and address, etc is recorded and both the parcel sticker and the stub that stays at the Post Office are bar coded which makes them trackable, that's not in case they get 'lost' (that's a whole other system) but as a 'terror' security measure. Anyway, hopefully you will get both parcels soon!!

Catherine said...


How wonderful! I had no idea Michael's had such nice pieces.
I have to agree about (((Jody))). She is very sweet!!!

Rachel said...

Im loving what you ladies are doing with these hutches and the kindness between the three of you is wonderful well done on some beautiful work Jody

Deni said...

I like your lounge room Norma!
the hutches are brilliant aren't they!
I must purchase a few while Im in USA this year

Margaret said...

Hi Norma,
I have an award for you on my blog. When will you show us your finds from the doll, bear and mini show?

Love 'n Light said...

You're a lucky girl Norma!
This is one great package!

LL Nat :~)

Kristine at The Painted Hive said...

Hi Norma. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Have just been perusing yours and it's so sweet
Kristine at The Painted Hive.

Merry Jingle said...

How did I miss this post? Good that you have your camera working again :)

And I do hope that the packages reach Jody fast, it's been now 12 days since I sent mine and the Post office said it should be 10-15 days.

Norma, now just jump in it, I want to see what you come up with the hutches :) I still have one left, already took the doors of, it's going to the Bakkery's kithcen, now I just have to decide the colors.

The Finnish Post office is strange, all the incoming mail is really fast, but outgoing isn't, don't know why. Here in the northern periferia there's no security stuff as who cares about a small country filled with snow :D They just check mainly drugs in the incoming mail.

Have a nice day :)


Sans said...

Jody is a darling :). Quick, personalise your hutches, Norma :)

PAKY said...

All is wonderful Norma!!
Today the postman been to my home and bring me your gift!! All is so beautiful, I like all the minis very much, I will publish one post with the gifts... thank you very very much for been so generous with me Norma and good luck in my give-away!! Hugs. Paqui.

Belén. said...

You are so lucky to receive those beautiful pieces from Jody (:
Thanks a lot for follow my blog, i follow you! Your blog is really cute, you have wonderful mini pieces!
The best for you,

Peach Blossom Hill said...

What nice comments! I am still anxiously waiting so I'll be doubly thrilled when they arrive. I think, "Maybe someone is stealing any packages" but I got something I ordered today so it is most likely just security as you say or our slow postal service! who knows?! I'll certainly let you know when they get here!


Amy said...

Isn't Jody the best? I'm so happy I've gotten to know her, and her generosity and beautiful work.

I have one of those terrific hutches from Michaels too-it wound up in my cafe/gift shop:

Anneke said...

I was confinced that I had replied to this post! apearantly I didn't!
Silly me! I just wanted to say I love the hutches, they are really nice and I'm very curious to see what you'll make of it!
Also Jody's blog and hydrenga's are wonderfull!
thanks for sharing!