Friday, March 5, 2010

Welcome and Giveaway Draw Countdown

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Love 'n Light said...

Hi Norma

I'm attaching the link to my blog, thanks.

By the way how was your first week? I hope it went well!

LL Nat :~)

Norma said...

Thanks Nat, but if you click on the name of the blog you'll see it takes you there ;) I'll edit the post to make that clearer.

This week was ok, am now making my mind up whether or not to drop Semantics and Pragmatics in favour of Sociolinguistics, which I probably will. Also my week doesn't really finish until 9pm on Fridays because I tutor Indonesian language from 7.30 - 9.

Sans said...

Wow Norma! You teach Bahasa Indonesia? That's amazing! Is there an Indonesian in your family? My dad speaks fluent pasar bahasa and can understand and speak Indonesian. There so many dialects though in that country. Tell me more!

Norma said...

Sans, I did 3 years of BI at university recently, it was to be one of my two majors - alongside Linguistics - (I could still complete it as such by doing just one more paper, eg history, culture or something) but I switched to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies. I chose it in the beginning because we have a special love of Bali and have close relationships with some local people there, many of whom don't speak English. As you say there are many localised versions of BI in Indonesia, as well as local languages - I speak 'standard' Indonesian, ie the version used by the media, govt, etc. On Fri nights I privately tutor a couple at their home, it's a great way to keep at least some fluency up and we have a lot of fun.

cockerina said...

Hello Norma, I put the photo and your link to this post on my blog! I look forward to the outcome of the extraction of your give away!
wishes to the little nephew!
kisses from Italy!

PS 'm organizing a "swap of Easter" on my blog, you would like to participate? if you think about it, write a comment on my blog, thanks! ciaoooo!

Lara said...

Hi Norma, I would like to give you the kreativ blogger award. You can collect it at my blog.

Glenda said...

Hi Norma - hope your school is going well!