Sunday, April 18, 2010

Amazing Mixed Media Mini

This wonderful little "Paper Whimsy School for Fairies" is the mixed media creation of Terri at Artful Affirmations. Terri mentions on her blog that she has made two 'traditional' dollhouses and describes the process of making this little beauty as "pure fun", and it shows. The Fairy School was inspired by the book Mixed- Media Dollhouses by Tally Oliveau and Julie Molina.

To see more pictures of Terri's fairy school project visit her blog, and be sure to leave her a comment :)

(Photos published here with Terri's permission.)


Claudia said...

Isn't Terri talented? I saw this post on her blog - and I saw the book recently. I love what she created. Have a wonderful day, Norma!


Sans said...

I was just thinking of buying this book from Amazon :). Norma, I know you bought a Lea Frisoni book. May I know if you ordered it online? I am having a tough time looking to buy this book :).

dora said...

He has been incredible, very real. Congratulations.
A Carmen hug

jose said...

really fantastic work

synnøve said...

Amazing work!!!!! WOW.... some people has the most incredible fantasy:)
Thank you for sharing!!
Synnøve :)

Nina said...

Very nice.
I like fairy houses very much.


Natascha said...

very beautiful fairy school.

Gr. Natascha

Norma said...

Sans - look on Amazon Canada for Lea's book - I'm pretty sure you can also buy it from her website but mine came from Canada - it was a birthday present from my family. I just love it. I'm also going to buy this mixed media book, I'd seen it online and was wondering what it was like, now that I've seen Terri's creation, and her mention that some of her friends contributed to the book, I'm definately going to buy it.
I'm a big fan of mixed media art.

Claudia - yet another blog we both follow :)

miniacollection said...

Thanks for the link. Her work is amazing. It's very poetic.

Deni said...

that is so cute!!!