Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Products for printing on fabric, and transfering images to wood etc

I'm definitely "in the zone" for printing at the moment! If you are too please read on........

Jody (Peach Blossom Hill), who's a quilt artist as well as a mini-er, told me last night that she has successfully used fabric printing products from Printed Treasures. They have an interesting range, for information click here.

Then this morning I received an email from "Cloth Paper Scissors" magazine - the feature project contained a link to fabric paper products in their online store, to go direct to that page click here.

But they don't just have cotton sheets for printing on - they've also got organza!

Woo hoo - this may be the answer to my prayers, I want to make some 'filmy' curtains and was puzzling last night about what I could print it on.

But wait - there's MORE

Could you ask for more than a product that will transfer onto wood, polymer, canvas and glass??? Click here to go direct to the webpage.

Also a note about Cloth Paper Scissors - I love this magazine and their website is fabulous. It's free to subscribe to the website and you get access to all kinds of project information, etc. To go to the subscribe page click here.


Janice said...

Hi Norma. This product sounds great. I willbe interested to hear how you use it.

Christine H. said...

Please let us know what results you have. I can't wait to see.

Love 'n Light said...

Hi Norma, I'm back, thanks for your comment!
This is a good post, I shall check it out as I'm into flower photography at the moment and would love to print some of my award winning photos onto material to do projects with!

LL Nat :~)

Sans said...

Norma, you have been so good with links! These are so useful! THANK YOU!

Carol said...

Norma, thanks for the great info! If you use the organza product, let us know how it turns out!

Annie said...

Norma...you are fantastic. These links and information is so useful. Thanks for sharing. I´ll open an extra bottle of champagne as a thank you gesture, when you arrive here on your broom ;0)

Hugs Annie

Peach Blossom Hill said...

I have got to try TAP--I've read about it but haven't tried it! And I've got to print out some things on fabric for mini's--so many projects--so little time!

Jody--I'm headed over to my blog to post an award for you and some of our other friends--you'll have to drop by and pick it up!