Monday, April 12, 2010

Softie pillow for Shelby

I can't show you the little pillow (13x9 cm - 5x3.5 in) I made today for Shelby because I've just done something to my camera that's caused it to have a heart attack! I'm hoping I can resuscitate it later... However, this is the image I used, printed onto fabric which was first treated to make the print waterproof (ie washable), then ironed onto freezer paper to make it possible to load it into the computer printer.



Oh yes I can!!

I had to reformat the memory card which meant losing all the stored data :( - but at least the camera is now working again.

Here's the little pillow....


It's the first fabric printing project I've done in ages. I use a product called Bubble Jet Set 2000. You can get info about it and related products here (I see that they now have a pretreated fabric available by the yard on the website). I also use their 'freezer paper' which comes in a pack but I know a lot of other people just use the regular product you can buy at the grocery store.

Printing your own is a great way to produce small amounts of fabric, in the scale that you want (you can scan an original piece of fabric, scrapboook paper, etc that you like or download from the internet, there are plenty of websites where you can access images of swatches). I used this process to create the "patchwork" bed quilt on the girl's room in the 1:16 house. The fabric I used for that was a fine cotton (lawn) so the printing looked a bit 'washed out' which was suitable for a quilt that had supposedly seen a bit of wear and wash :) Today I used a piece of sturdier cotton. The crucial thing is that the fabric must be 100% cotton or 100% silk.

Scooby and friends will fly off to America tomorrow, hopefully on arrival they will make Shelby smile.


Francesca said...

Many compliments for your work Norma! I hope you can resuscitate your camera! Have a good day! Francy

Catherine said...


What a great pillow!
I am sorry to hear about your camera. I do hope all will be well with it.
I want to ask you questions about printing fabric but it will have to wait until later. I am off to get my taxes done. Yuck!

PAKY said...

oooh, what a pitty! I hope your camera can take pictures soon, kisses and hugs

The Visionary Butterfly said...

Love the pillow so cool! Since my camera has been dropped from time to time it tells me the memory card needs to be formatted. I simply turn it off then on again and that clears it up. The good thing about digital cameras is you can always take the pictures again :)

Norma said...

Thanks all. I was a bit upset because the memory card contained a few pics of my grandson eating his first chocolate bunny but fortunately his mum had taken a lot of photos too so we have those.

I think I caused this meltdown myself - I had the card in my computer and I tried to edit one of the photos on the card - I forgot to copy it to the computer and then edit - and that action caused the whole thing have a fit. A cautionary tale!