Thursday, April 15, 2010

When you don't know what else to do go play with boys...

Over the last couple of days I've been thinking about the best way to put a light in a display cabinet without wiring it to the main wiring for the house.

There are two main requirements: (1) a very small power source I could hide within/behind the cabinet somewhere (2) a light source that is bright but won't get hot. That led to two thoughts: (1) watch battery (2) LED lighting - voila here it is! Coin ceiling lights like those shown here in a 1:144 scale bakery and available for sale on a model makers website that primarily supplies "boy stuff". The link to the site is here.

They also have a range of other LED lighting for mini uses, as well as other potentially useful products, so it's a website well worth taking a look at.

And another great thing is that these guys WILL SHIP INTERNATIONALLY, AND they give a 2 year guarantee AND they'll replace the light if you break it during installation! All round good guys - I think I'm in love! ;)

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Margaret said...

They could really come in handy when you don't want to fit a full-scale wiring system. I haven't yet been initiated into the thrills and spills of fitting electrical wiring for a dolls house but will need to learn. Sounds like a good company to deal with too.
Another great find Norma! Well done.

Catherine said...

WOW, WOW, WOW!!!!!!!!! That is so GREAT! I can think of so many uses for that system in a dollhouse.
Thank you so much! You find the most wonderful and useful things!!!


Allison, said...

What a great find, Norma! I'm always looking for alternatives to the 'main' lighting in dolls house - not least to save on the cost of transfomers. Thanks for that.

Kim said...

Norma- Thank you times a million!!! I have been looking for something like this for awhile! I'm off to explore this website and I'm a happy gal- you are the best!!

OOAK babies by Mina said...

What a great idea! Thanks for the share.

Love that little room box. Too cute


Cynthia's Minilife said...

Thank You Thank You Thank You, Norma! I went to this website immediately and ordered 2 fire kits. I have the battery and switch set up for this (as the flashing lights make everything else flicker on the same system), but the common blinking red lights were just not doing it for me. And...their prices and shipping seem so cheap! Yes, good to check what the "boys" are up too once in a while, eh?

Janice said...

Thanks for sharing this sitr Norma. I find dolls house lighting really difficult and very expensive for not a great result. This method is definitely worth looking into.

Norma said...

Pleased this is useful to you all.

Karin F. said...

Norma...they should be giving you a discount. I've placed an order as well.
Am well pleased! I gave them a scenario & got back a very comprehensive answer the same day. Cir-kit got the same scenerio a month ago; I had to wait for their return email and got a wishy washy answer

Thanks for the link!!
hugs Karin

Norma said...

Huh, now there's a good idea! I did send them an email at the same time I posted this advising I'd linked to them and had published images from their site so that they could inform me if they wanted them removed. Haven't heard anything.

Perhaps anyone ordering should mention this post LOL - I might get a discount offer yet! ;)

michelle said...

Hello Norma,

I have an award on my blog for you!

Hug Michelle

Deni said...

Hi Norma
I thought I was following your blog and couldn't find you till today now I have you on my list for good!
I have missed looking at your blog
I just luv your little bakery so cute!!!

Deni said...

haggaHi Norma
I thought I was following your blog and couldn't find you till today now I have you on my list for good!
I have missed looking at your blog
I just luv your little bakery so cute!!!

Shelly Jamison said...

Thanks so much for this favorable post on your great blog. I am glad you like our lights.

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Shelly Jamison
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Kathi said...

Hi Norma!
I just received my little lighting kit. Got any tips for installation?