Friday, May 28, 2010

French facade - and a question

At last I can show you a little progress on the French project. The walls etc are just in 'dry fit' at the moment but at least you can get some idea of what the outcome will be. There is more trim to be added, the top floor is to have two small balconies and I might add an attic, or a roof garden.

Now... opinions please!! If you look carefully you can see that on the left wall of the ground floor shop there is a window, and near the back on the right there is an open door with a window in the top half (in the photo it looks as if the door is on the back wall but it is in the right wall and is opened into the shop) . The door is there because I can't imagine that the people who live upstairs would want to 'come and go' through the shop doorway when the shop is closed (and there wasn't room to add a 'private' doorway at the front), and the window in it lets in a little extra light. I'm not sure how best to describe why I added the side window - does it make sense to say it is to add another dimensional aspect to the space??? However I'm now wondering if I should rip that window out.

What is bothering me is that when I look at pictures of Parisian streets the buildings are almost all adjoining each other. The side door is ok because in my mind it's on an alleyway, but with the window in the other side as well it means that this building cannot be in a row of connected buildings. It must be standing alone with an alleyway, or small street, on each side which doesn't seem to be the normal thing for Parisian buildings. This picture below is my style 'inspiration pic' for this project, you can see how the buildings are all joined together.

So, what do you think, just be satisfied to have a 'stand alone' building even though it goes against the normal 'rules' of it's location, or pull out that window (it is glued and plastered in but it's not impossible to get it out and the hole can be plastered over). What would you do??

As an extra incentive to help me out here anyone whose comments include advice/opinion about whether or not to take the side window out will be 'rewarded' with an extra chance in the 200 followers giveaway that's coming up... :)

I have to leave my minis to one side again now while I concentrate on finishing my last university assignment for this semester (but I will be reading your opinions on what I should do about that window!). When I come back I've got quite a bit of catching up to do! There are Awards to be acknowledged and passed on, my fair purchases to show you (and I want to tell you about one of the vendors there too), gifts and swaps to be made, and a giveaway to be organised! It's going to be a busy break :)

(The Paris shop fronts image was sourced from ebay, a copyright holder is acknowledged but I can't find the name of the artist.)

Post amendment 1 July 2010 - I have made the decision about the window. What it came down to in the end was that if it was bothering me then it had to go - and it has now been removed. I appreciate all the information and various points of view of everyone who took the time to comment here and as promised all will receive an extra chance in my July giveaway draw. However that offer is now closed (the last commenter to be included is Nancy on 16 June). Thanks for participating!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Prizes and surprises

Firstly I should apologise to both Susan and Glenda for taking so long to post about these wonderful things they have sent me.

I was so lucky to receive these lovely little things in Susan's (minicrochetmad) recent giveaway, all handcrafted by her. The fine texture and perfection of Susan's miniature crochet really has to be seen with your own eyes to appreciate it. The little trug is so cute isn't it! The kitchen utensils were a surprise inclusion and really appreciated because they were just what I'd been thinking were missing from my kitchen. Thank you Susan!

A little while ago Glenda (Peppercorn minis) contacted me asking if I'd like some of her late mother's vintage cotton handkerchiefs to use for linen and clothing. I was so touched that she would think of offering me some things that had belonged to her mother. Of course I accepted gratefully (and I hope graciously) and waited for the package to arrive from New Zealand. When I saw the Customs Declaration I couldn't help thinking the Customs clearance staff must have thought it was very odd that anyone would mail a bunch of 'used handkerchiefs' :) They could never have understood that they are treasures! This is just one of the lovely handkerchiefs. Many are trimmed with beautiful lace. That's not all that was in the package - Glenda had included some of her fabulous handmade leather journals and woven baskets which I've admired on her blog many times. The little white journal (made from an old kid glove) is small enough to look 'at home' in the 1:16 house, as are the two smallest baskets. They would also be suitable for a 1:12 house too, in my smaller house they become 'medium/large' size where as in a bigger house they would be 'small/medium'. (If you would like to have a journal or basket or two of your very own Glenda has a link to her Etsy shop on her blog).

Thank you so much Susan and Glenda, I really appreciate all of these wonderful treasures.

If you don't know Susan and Glenda's blogs I encourage you to click on their names and take a look - you won't be disappointed!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Remember this?

A few weeks ago I posted this pic and 'spat the dummy' about how I was so jealous that Brenda at Cozy Litte House had been able to buy such gorgeous minis, especially the birdcage, at her local garden centre. Click here to go directly to that post.

Marit at Black Cat Cottage saw that post and has made this wonderful version of the little cage - complete with a bird!

Click here to go to Marit's blog for more info on how she made both the cage and the bird - and be sure to have a look around - don't miss the tiny wood turnings she's been doing recently.

And don't forget to check out Brenda's blog too which features her lovely home and gorgeous garden.

Photo credits: Brenda and Marit

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Fabulous gifts from Finland!

I'm sure that there's been some sort of a time warp and it's Christmas already because I'm overwhelmed with gifts, and this one comes from near Santa's home - it's from dear Ira (merryjinglecrafts) in Finland. And if you think I've been good and resisted that chocolate bar you're very much mistaken - that's only the empty wrapper - it was delicious!!

Now for the eye-candy ...

Looking good enough to eat is the bread selection (in fact Ira's dogs think this stuff IS good enough to eat which is why her 'top secret' bakery product, the "nadas" are missing and were substituted for by the chocolate bar!)

and the sweet treats selection

AND the black and white 'home wares' selection (the little thread just right for Rosanna's sewing box)

AND the fabric and trim selection (the 'basket weave' is wonderfully soft silk)

AND the most incredible selection of filigree 'findings' I've ever seen (largest measures 5 cm, smallest 1.5)

AND a selection of art that I just adore and is perfect for the Boutique d'antiquités et brocante, and the apartment above - there's a mention of that as yet unseen apartment again... ;)

AND a selection of the TINIEST things

The little Eiffel Tower is teetering on a piece of Ira's handmade figue-coffee soap, and the little 'gold' cup on a piece of Marseille soap. The little 'ink-well' will go on the desk in the study of the 1:16 house. Isn't that little copper wagon just the most gorgeous little thing you've ever seen? And the wheels go around! Ira tells me the wagon and the metal findings are from Etsy stores. Ira perhaps you could make a comment here that includes the web address for these sellers because maybe others are interested in 'shopping' there - unless of course it's your 'secret' source!! LOL

AND one of my favourites of Ira's handmade pieces - a 'rustic' birdcage

The variety of these gifts reflects Ira's diverse tastes and talents. She is the Donald Trump of the mini world - the only woman I know who bought several mini properties, at once, on a whim! Click here to read the post confessing her shopping extravaganza :) If you don't know Ira's blog then you don't know what you're missing - visit her soon - she'll entertain you, motivate you and amaze you - often all at once.

Thanks again Ira - with so many wonderful things scattered about my mini rooms (many no more than mini-plans at present LOL - you know me - expert procrastinator and perfectionist all rolled into one - a hell of a combination!) there will always be something nearby that says "Hello, I'm from Finland" :)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Super-lucky Saturday

As some of you will already know the annual Sydney miniatures fair was held last Saturday. It turned out to be my lucky day in more ways than one!

Firstly it was great to meet up with bloggers Margaret (My Petite Parterre), Linda (Une Petite Folie) and Linda's friend and fellow blogger Jo (Small world).

Then came the surprises!

Margaret gave Linda and I one of her fabulous candelabras! I was incredibly surprised and over-joyed as I had SO wanted to win the one she offered recently in her giveaway draw.

and it comes with its very own table mat ...

What a thrill to have one of Margaret's fabulous creations of my very own :) Thank you so much Margaret, your generosity is amazing.

But that wasn't my only sweet surprise! Quite 'out of the blue' Linda handed me this lovely little box full of vintage French photographs and mail including a couple of envelopes with little photos 'peeking' out...

It will be a perfect addition to my mini French apartment - oh, you don't know about the French apartment yet do you... more to be revealed ... eventually ;) Thank you Linda, I'm really touched and delighted.

But wait - there's more!! I was a prizewinner in Susan's giveaway draw on Saturday - I'll post pics of her cute things when they arrive - meantime be sure to visit her blog minicrochetmad :)

The generosity of bloggers continues to amaze me - a heartfelt thanks to all of you - I just LOVE everything!

Linda and Margaret have already posted some great pics they took at the show, if you haven't seen them be sure to visit their blogs and take a look. I will post about my purchases and a vendor I want to tell you about soon - promise :)

In the meantime, back to the job of tidying up and referencing my assignment....