Friday, April 26, 2013

'Le salon' is taking shape

Far from finished but beginning to develop its character. 

So far this room has involved a few makovers! 

The table was originally polished mahogony, nice in it's own way but the dark wood just isn't  suitable for this room. 

 The two major makeovers were
 the fireplace ...

... and the sofa

I've had the fireplace as well as the sofa and fabric for a long time.  When each was purchased I had no idea where I'd use them and certainly no expectation they'd all end up in the same room  but I think they all look quite happy here together.  The sofa isn't generally recognised as quintessentially French but a bit of research reveals the design is from the Napoleon III era. I think it suits this room quite well and will probably stay in spite of my initial plan to make something in Louis XVI style. 

The pretty pink hydrangeas are by Jody @ Peach Blossom Hill
 She has some in her Etsy store right now!

I've decided not to work on this room any further for the moment. I want to progress to the top floor and come back to this later when I have a better feel for just how I want it to be. That's not quite happening right now so onward and (literally) upward!  

Monday, April 15, 2013

French kitchen and dining reveal

At last!!  The light was bright but not direct sun this afternoon so at last I had the right conditions for a photo shoot, and a working internet connection to share the results - yipee!

There are still some small details (including lighting) to complete but this is pretty much how la cuisine and la salle a manger will look when completely finished. 

la cuisine




 la salle à manger

These two rooms are full of wonderful gifts and purchases from fabulous friends in the miniature blogging world, specifically:

Apron - Frederica
Canisters, white jug and tiny whisk - Carrie Lavender
Floral plates in kitchen and dining - Carolyn
Colourful French jug (top shelf) - Ana
Tiny plant in yellow pot - Mercedes
Tray - Rosanna Rolla - sorry Rosanna for turning it upside-down and not noticing!
The retro style fridge is by Dolls House Emporium (I think no longer available). It was originally a pale peppermint green, my thanks to my son who spray painted it for me - who would have thought that Warhammer paints would be so useful for a French kitchen!.  The badge is an old Frigidaire one found on the internet.
Basket - Lidi
Table - Mercedes
Cushion - Margaret
Cafe sign - Wanda
Vintage French postcards, mail and pretty box on the floor beside the table - Linda Carswell
Chair made by me but inspiration and pattern by  Lea Frisoni
Many thanks to all of the above miniaturists for their special contribution to this project, and to miniature bloggers everywhere for your constant inspiration with special thanks to Lea Frisoni, the Queen of Miniature Shabby French.