Sunday, August 11, 2013

The nursery project (almost) completed

At last I can share with you the little nursery project I've been working on to celebrate the birth of our first granddaughter.  It took me much longer than expected due at least in part to an ankle injury that severely hampered my movements for several weeks.  (Back on my feet just in time to go back to work - not the most exciting mid-year vacation time since I hardly left the apartment for 4 weeks!)

The 'crowning glory' of this scene is the beautiful baby shawl that Susan gave me especially to include here, note the tiny rosebuds on each corner.  Susan's talent with yarn and hook always astounds me, as does her generosity.  Thank you Susan!! The cushion was part of my 2011 Christmas gift from my daughter-in-law Lamina, it's been waiting for the right home and I'm sure she will agree that this is the perfect place for it.

Another piece of Susan's lovely work that I've included is the pink and blue blanket that I won in her giveaway some time ago.  The angel is by my cousin Lillian in England. The basket is by Glenda (originally grey, painted cream to blend in with the colour palette).  Glenda has moved on from minis these days but although she might be 'gone' she's definitely not forgotten!  I bought the paper roses ages ago in an art supplies store, I'd almost forgotten I had them in my stash. (Note to self - dig out those boxes and remind yourself what treasures you have hidden away!)  

The 'jumping-off point' for the whole project was the Beatrix Potter 'Time for Tea' plate by Carrie (click here for her Etsy). I'd been casting around in my mind for several weeks for that little spark of inspiration that all else would flow from - as soon as I saw the plate the rest of it, including the colour palette, just fell into place.  The tiny Mother Goose book  is also by Carrie. I made the vintage style blocks from a printie I found online.  The letters H B P are our little girl's initials.

The incredibly tiny shoettes are also by Susan, aren't they delightful?! The rosebud embellishment is unbelievably small.  (Books by me, pram from my stash.)  

The picture on the box top in the bottom shelf is a copy of a treasured photo of my mother's toys taken and hand-coloured about 1920.  I originally made the little faceless doll to sit on the child's bed in the 1:16 house, she now has a new dress and a new home. 

I think the back wall needs something above the chair to balance up the bookshelf but I'm waiting for the right inspiration.  There is a clear plastic front that's yet to be installed (to keep out dust and little fingers) but the back is removeable so it'll be easy enough to add to it as time goes by.  

The new owner...