Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Presents - big and little

How lucky am I??  Lamina (@ do a bit) made me these gorgeous cushions for Christmas - the 'human size' ones are her own screen printed designs, and the 1:12 little cuties are inkjet computer printed copies.  She's a very clever, very creative - and generous - gal :)  Thank you Lamina!!

Click here to visit Lamina's blog to see more of her creative projects.

Photo credit : Lamina @ 'do a bit'

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Guest post: by Lamina from "do a bit... everyday" - printed cushions from original designs

Hi there everyone, my name is Lamina from "do a bit... everyday"!

I am thrilled that Norma asked me to do a guest post about my mini cushion makeover here at make mine mini :)

It's been a busy couple of weeks for me, leading up to Christmas ... I bought this really cute little dolls house furniture set for my sister's little girl, but I wasn't really loving the cushions that came with it! So I decided, in the midst of all the craziness last week, that I would give the cushions a makeover... Yes I am slightly insane! Not sure how I found the time but I did!

cushion makeover - before
:: cushion makeover - before

I prepared the fabric by soaking it in bubble jet set 2000, ironed the fabric onto freezer paper and then using my ink jet printer, printed my little designs onto it and then sewed them up into cushions... it was very easy!

cushion makeover - printing
:: cushion makeover - printing

cushion makeover - sewing
:: cushion makeover - sewing

Voila... new cute little cushions!!!

cushion makeover - after
:: cushion makeover - after :)

And when you turn the cushions over...

cushion makeover - after
:: cushion makeover - after

I printed different images on each side of the cushion so she can mix and match! I used my own designs... rainbow cloud, home sweet home and the cupcake designs which I had screen printed on kids tops, cushions and tea towels. It was so much fun doing this little project.  I'm so please with how they look, they are so cute and my sisters little girl absolutely loved them :)

Thank you Norma for giving me the opportunity to show off my cute little cushions on your gorgeous little blog... it was great fun!

Hope you are all having a wonderful day!

do a bit... everyday

Saturday, December 17, 2011

The treestump house

At last some pics - I finally found my camera (safely hidden in a box on my workbench).  I'm just going to show you the finished piece today, I'll do a post on some of the process later on.  

Nice of you to visit, please come on in.
Please join the daddy and the little boy for a cup of tea while I relax upstairs.

It's such a lovely view ...

Perfect pattern for a treehouse bed don't you think?  We don't have any jungle animals around here though ...

Perhaps you'd like to take a stroll outside and meet some of our neighbourhood creatures...
Mind the step!

The little frog seems to be a bit reluctant to jump into the pond.

One of the bunnies is missing a bit of his ear, it could have something to do with jumping head-first out of the bedroom window...
I hope you enjoyed your tour, won't you come back again?
It's fun to play together.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Giveaway postponed until January - and another 'secret' project

I've decided to postpone my 500 Followers and Blog Anniversary giveaway until January, I think we've all got quite enough on with Christmas just around the corner and it'll be a bit of fun to look forward to after Christmas. 

I expect to have photos of the treestump house next week - it's all finished but I can't find my camera - no doubt it will turn up when I'm looking for something else. 

And now I'm frantically working on another 'secret' project - I'm not sure whether to call it  'Renovation Rescue' or 'Restoration Madness!'. 

A couple of weeks ago it was our local council annual cleanup where you get to put out all the big stuff that isn't allowed in the normal garbage collection.  Near my house I spotted a dollhouse amidst a pile of other stuff discarded at the roadside waiting for the compacting truck to come along (it's the kind of thing that you throw a big old wardrobe in and it crunches it into matchsticks).  It looked like it had been badly neglected for quite a long time but had the potential to be a nice play dollhouse for a couple of little girls in my neighbourhood - after a good scrub and a coat of paint - and I couldn't bear the thought of it getting crunched in the back of the garbage truck. 

After a good scrubbing and a bit of paint it did look better, but I decided not good enough.  That's when the madness set in!  It now has two new sides, a replaced ground floor partition, an additional partition upstairs to create a space for a bathroom, the sizing of the doorways has been heightened and narrowed ready for doors to be hung, it also needs a new base because the house had been sitting on the curbside grass during at least one overnight rainstorm.   There will also be a lot of basic furniture making in the next 2 weeks because I'm hoping to deliver it to the girls around Christmas.  Fortunately I also have some bits and pieces in my stash that I can use but it's still going to be a fairly tight schedule.  More on this project later.  Now back to the workshop ...