Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I won Lidi's basket!! (and mention of a couple of other things)

Recently Lidi Stroud, miniature basket maker extraordinaire, at Basketcase Miniatures offered this gorgeous shopping basket in her 100 Followers giveaway and I won it!!  I'm so excited about it, it's going to be so perfect for Emily to take to the market every day (you can read about Emily here).  The detail and perfection of Lidi's tiny baskets is just incredible.  I was lucky enough to receive one last year on my birthday and I just love it, I'm super lucky to now have another.  Thank you so much Lidi for your generousity, I'll truly treasure this little basket - it's going to give a real 'slice of life' to my French project.

Click here visit Lidi's Etsy store - maybe a little basket is just the treat you deserve for Christmas...

On another subject ... you're probably wondering if the little tree-stump house is ever going to be finished - well there has been a bit of lull in the proceedings because I'm recovering from surgery - I'm doing just fine but it's holding me back from getting busy in the workshop.  However, it won't be too long now and it should be finished ready for playtime.    And I'm just busting to get back to Emily's apartment above the brocante

Also a big welcome to a number of new Followers, always nice to see new faces, thanks for stopping by. 

And yes, I have noticed the number has gone a little over the 500, plus it was my 2nd Blog anniversary a few days ago, so some kind of giveaway celebration is appropriate - so many things to think about!  Will it happen before Christmas?  Let's wait and see...

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My "secret" treehouse project

Study is all over for another year so as promised here are a couple of  preview photos of  my  "secret" project - a mini treehouse for my grandson to play with when he comes over. 

I hope he's going to like it!  He's a young man (not yet 3) with very strong opinions about what he does and doesn't like. I can't imagine where he gets that from, although there have been a few suggestions ;)

Come on in

and take a seat

The main idea is to make it strong and simple, appropriate for a child's play, but with enough character to satisfy me at least a little.  I have some little wood and pipe cleaner people, and a few 'woodland' creatures to live in and around it.  I hope it will stimulate some imaginative play. 

There's still a lot of work to do yet though so I'd better get back to the "workshop"!