More about me

I grew up in a small coalmining town in New Zealand but now live not far from the centre of the beautiful Australian city of Sydney.

My father made my first dollshouse when I was a little girl, a 1:48 scale single level house with plastic furniture. My first mini DIY project was painting a sheet of paper with grey watercolour to make a carpet for the living room of that house - it was spectacularly unsuccessful because as it dried the sheet curled up so I threw it in the bin greatly disappointed.  It was many years before I tried my hand at anything dollhouse related - that was about 25 years ago when I got rather more ambitious, with moderate success, and made myself a dollhouse. I eventually became dissatisfied with the quality of it and demolished it but I saved some of the features and incorporated them in the 1920s style 1:16 scale house that's here on my blog. All of the furniture and most of the accessories for that have been made by me.

I have two 1:12 scale houses, one that is largely untouched but is intended to be decorated in a bright, bold modern style, the other is a French style apartment above a Brocante shop which is the focus of my attention at the moment.

In the 'real world' my preferred decor style is vintage and this is reflected in our much loved little coastal country cottage in New Zealand (posts relating to it are labelled 'real world cottage').

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