Monday, January 30, 2012

500 Followers giveaway is finally here!! CLOSED on 14 Feb - WINNERS ANNOUNCED SOON

At last - my giveaway announcement! 

I have 4 sets of these pretty lasercut paper doilies (1/12 scale) to giveaway,
one set for each of the first four names drawn


the first name drawn will also win a small 

The final day to enter is Valentine's Day - 14 February 2012


As usual this giveaway draw is only open to Followers of this blog
(but it's not too late to become one!)

You may advertise this giveaway on your blog if you wish, but it is not a condition of entry.

Good luck everyone!!

(When the winners are announced I will also tell you where you can purchase these tiny doilies online, so even if you're not lucky in the draw you can still have some in your dollhouse.)

~ this giveaway draw is now closed  ~ 

the winners will be announced here soon 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Renovation rescue - way behind schedule!

I can't believe it's 25 January already! - and I still haven't finished the dollhouse renovation that I'd planned to complete by Christmas!

When I found out that the little girls who will be the new owners of this house would be out of town for Christmas, and several weeks afterwards, there was no pressure to finish it so quickly.   This also meant that I could take more time and make it look better than if I had to hurry. 

Click here to read how I found this house and rescued it from the garbage truck.

Progress so far...

The bathroom will be inaccessible when the front bathroom wall and the roof go on, but it will be able to be seen well enough through the doorway.  I bought the little table in a discount store for $2, painted it and added the basin, tap, etc.  The basin is a bit of packaging from a box of chocolates, the faucet is made of covered wire.  The toilet bowl is made from a laundry powder scoop.  The shower head is made from covered wire and a couple of buttons.  The shower screen is plastic sheeting with the blue plastic covering left on one side so that it looks like coloured glass.  The shiny white wall and floor surface is high gloss photo print paper.

The basic furniture for the other  rooms is all ready to go in when the renovation is complete - which it nearly is.  More on the completion of this project later.

Giveaway coming soon!! - please wait for details!!

I haven't forgotten I promised a giveaway in January - please wait a few days for me to post the details and then you can enter :)   Thanks for your patience!