Thursday, March 6, 2014

A new blog on the block, and an old friend returns...

I'm finally out of hibernation!  I've been away from home on several house-sits over the last three months, the most recent one was almost 6 weeks without internet access so you can image I'm rather 'out of the loop' with blogs and all your news. I'm off to New Zealand next week for a short visit so I won't get to entirely catch-up just yet but I wanted to give you a 'heads-up' on a couple of blogs - one new and one an old friend who's been away for a while.  

Here's a little sample of the delights on Kara's new blog, Making Mini Art -  the patina on the blue cupboard is fabulous and I can't wait to see how her new 'old' kitchen progresses. 

And one of my favourite miniaturists, Daphne @ In the Court of Gypsies is back after a long break from her blog.  She achieves the most wonderful patina too and has been experimenting with typography on furniture and handpainting upholstery to create truly unique miniatures.

I thoroughly recommend you visit both Kara and Daphne to see their work for yourself. 

I hope to be back into 'normal life' mode by the end of March so I'll show you some of the pieces I've been busy preparing to offer for sale at the Sydney Miniatures Fair then.