Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Living like a local in Montematre

We had a few days in Paris before SIMP, it was a dream come true to 'live like a local' in a very tiny studio apartment at Rue des Saules, Montematre. Close to Metro Lamark-Caulcaincourt, restaurants, boulangerie, bank etc, and a relatively shortish (but steep!!) walk to Sacre Coeur, it was a great location to explore the area from. We loved being Montematre residents even though it was just for a short time. 

Our tiny apartment in Rue des Saules, Montematre

Inside looking out - the plants in the boxes on the railing were struggling to survive in the summer heat, like we were, but the geraniums seemed not to mind.

Rue des Saules, cobblestones look nice but can be tricky underfoot.

Stairs and more stairs ... 

The reward for the climb, the bustling tourist precinct of Le Consulate, Sacre Coeur, etc. Seeing it for the first time was one of those "it's really real!" moments, a solid thing and not just an image seen a million times, always elusively ethereal. Unfortunately we never seemed to pass by at meal times, or we'd already eaten before tackling the climb up the hill, so didn't get to try the food. I think we need to remedy that if we make it back to Paris in the summer of 2019. 

I was a little disappointed to see that the St Pierre shop front has been painted, I much prefer the  previous shabby version.

And the jewel in Montmatre's crown, Basilique du Sacre Coeur, which always reminds me of a rather elaborate wedding cake.

If we make it back to Paris I'd love to stay in the tiny apartment at  Rue des Saules again đź’–