Monday, March 25, 2013

Eduard's new 'old' leather chair

I recently bought this gorgeous aged leather chair from Margaret of My Petite Parterre.  

Photo from Margaret's Etsy shop 'Argus Minis'

I've always been a great fan of Margaret's work so as soon as I saw it in her new Etsy shop  I simply couldn't resist purchasing it for Eduard Culat.  He seems to be thoroughly enjoying relaxing in it! 

Clearly Eduard is the kind of guy who likes to relax a lot, last time we saw him he was relaxing in the bathtub at Emily's ...

Eduard has given the beautiful pillows and very fine lace edged throw that came with the chair to Emily.  Currently there's quite a tussle going on as to just who should be keeping the aged mirror that Margaret included with the chair as a special gift for my having been her first customer.  I was so excited to see it because I've loved her mirrors since I saw this one on her blog some time ago.  In the comments section of that post she explains how to age the mirror itself,  if you are interested in trying it out click here.

Whether Eduard gets to keep the mirror for himself, or if it'll go into Emily's Brocante remains to be seen...


PS  Presently demand for these chairs is exceeding supply but if you want one and she doesn't have any in stock Margaret will be pleased to take an order.   Click here to visit her Etsy shop, Argus Minis, and see some of the other lovely things she has including pretty cushions and a beautiful draped cradle.