Friday, October 15, 2021

French apartment bedroom update

There have been a few changes and additions in the French apartment bedroom over the last few months. 

I'm loving how the silver perfume bottle from Shew-Jewelry House is aging. It now has two new 'friends', pretty little perfumes from Elizabeth at Studio E.

Blue crystal perfume is also by Elizabeth, eyeglasses by Alice Zinn. The silver hairbrush (also from Shew-Jewelry House) is developing a beautiful patina. 

Pretty little doll is by Lea Frisoni. She's hiding the most adorable underwear under her blue dress. 

The single bed has been replaced with this larger one. Petit point pillow is by my talented friend Linda Park (as are the slippers in the previous photo).

I have everything I need now to complete the ground floor Brocante but I've been distracted (as usual!) and I'm working on a rustic cottage. Pics and more info to come soon.