Monday, December 9, 2019

Make Mine Mini on Etsy - nearly ready to launch

Just a few finishing touches to do before sending listings live!

See you there soon!

Friday, November 1, 2019

Let's relax in the courtyard ...

It's challenging but interesting to have to think of different ways to present miniatures to appeal outside the usual 'dollhouse' community. I hope the folks who come to the French Country Market will appreciate this little piece of courtyard serenity in miniature...

The pretty French graphic was transferred using the freezer paper technique, if you're not familiar with it there are several tutorials on YouTube including this one  Give it a try sometime, it's lots of fun. 

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Une petite retraite à la campagne

Since returning from our trip to UK and France (Paris and Normandy) I've been working on several projects including this fun little country retreat. While it's tugging at my heart strings I will nevertheless be taking it with me to the French Country Market which is coming up very soon on 9 November. 

A big motivator for this project was this French magazine that I picked up at Gare St Lazare in Paris while waiting to take the train to Normandy. 

For a great instructions on making mini lavender I recommend Annie's video on YouTube 

My first and so far only pot of  hydrangeas :)  The paving stones are egg carton. 

Window box filling is several mosses with tiny flowers cut from a miniature 'tree' intended for miniature railway landscaping

Pompom hydrangeas by Jody Raines

Fireplace and mirror handmade by me using picture framer's mount/matte board.
Don't you just love the little angel? 

Unfortunately this window is no longer available to purchase as the manufacturer has gone out of business. Maybe you could make something similar yourself though following Lea Frisoni's instructions for opening French windows in "The Big Book of a Miniature House". 

Instructions to make the French window closing can be found in Lea Frisoni's book on page 33. 

Right, back to work for me - still LOTS to be done before the market!! 

Thursday, July 4, 2019

The third Brocante style vignette

Thanks very much for your encouraging feedback on the first two vignettes, as promised here's the third and last for the moment. I think the poster needs a bit of aging with some tea though, it's looking a bit pristine. I particularly enjoyed doing the multiple pink/grey paint layers on the back wall, and the corset was fun to do but I don't think I'll be going into serious mini lingerie production any time soon.

I've started work on a French farmhouse kitchen dresser, that'll be the last project for a while. As soon as I've finished it I'll be tidying my worktable and then starting to pack for Paris, can't wait!! I'm not sure if I'll be able to post from overseas, I'm having trouble with the Blogger mobile app but we'll see.

Monday, July 1, 2019

Has it really been a year???

I can scarcely believe it's been a year since my last blog post. I have been doing some miniature work from time to time but have obviously been very poor at sharing here. Anyway here I am again at last 😊

In the last couple of weeks I've been working on some pieces that I hope I'll take to offer for sale at the French Country Market which is held in a town north of Sydney in November. I haven't booked my trading space yet so hopefully I'll get in okay. It's not a miniatures fair but my thinking is that the people who visit the fair love all things French. As well as French music and food there are several regular traders who sell (1:1) upcycled French style furniture and Brocante. Not everyone has room in their home for the full size pieces but maybe some will have a little space on a table or shelf for my mini version. Time will tell! 

I've done three Brocante theme vignette settings so far, each is 'one of a kind', and lots of fun to put together. This one is the perhaps the most 'glamorous'.  

The second is much more shabby/rustic ... 

Photos of the third one to come soon - I promise! 😊