Friday, June 21, 2013

French chair makovers

I've been playing with a couple of chairs, this is the result...

They started out like this...

On the whole I'm pleased with the result but one thing I would do next time is choose a finer cotton to print the upholstery on because it was difficult to get a nice smooth edge on the medallion shapes for the backs.  To get a slightly dirty look I put the new fabric on top of the original, some of the colour shows through giving a hint of grubbiness created over time.  Also the fabric used for printing is an off-white 'natural linen' shade. 

I was considering putting them in the salon instead of the sofa (see previous post) but they look a little too big in this tiny space so they are most likely destined for the ground floor Brocante.   

It's been difficult to get motivated enough to go down into my basement to work on the French apartment, it's winter here now so it's a bit chilly down there!  Playing with these chairs (and a 'secret' nursery themed project for my brand new granddaughter) in the warmth and comfort of my living room has been a much more attractive option.  I hope to have pics of the nursery vignette to share with you soon, it's very close to finished.