Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sometimes just one kitchen sink isn't enough, but I didn't plan on five!



I was pleased to find ready-made kitchen benches that are almost exactly the same as the one I designed and made for my French kitchen so I thought I'd refinish and accessorize two for the Sydney miniatures fair. However, the first package from my supplier went missing in the mail, as did the second, so a third was sent and then all three turned up so I suddenly had six! I've kept one aside for a French cottage kitchen project I'm planning for myself but these will all be for sale. 

I don't expect to sell all of them at the fair, a kitchen bench is not the kind of thing you buy unless you're really in need of one, so I expect there will be some available here from next week if any of you have an interest. (Email me: normabennett@hotmail.com )

(Handwoven mats are by Glenda Howell; jams by Nina Eary; crockery decoration, tea towels and little tray of muffins by me).

Friday, April 11, 2014

A little bed goes to upstate New York!

This is a secret project I've been working on, a gift for my blog buddy Claudia (Mockingbird Hill Cottage) who lives in upstate New York (ok, technically that's not absolutely correct since she lives not all that far from NYC, but it's got a nice ring to it don't you think?). She has the cutest cottage style dollhouse but has been in need of a bed for a long time and I had a bed frame that I wasn't using so I couldn't resist making a dressed bed for her almost empty bedroom.  

The frame was originally shiny black but has been spray painted matte off white, not by me but by my son who is a dab hand at spray painting base coats for his hand-painted Warhammer models. Dollhouse meets Warhammer, who would have thought??!

Claudia chose pink toile for the main fabric and likes a simple 'tidy' look to her bed. I'm a bit more of a 'messy' bed kind of girl so it was a personal challenge to be so neat! I was hoping that the exercise might rub off in real life but one look in my bedroom will confirm that hasn't happened unfortunately.

I'm still frantically painting and upholstering in preparation for the fair in 3 weeks time.  Many thanks for your nice comments about my efforts so far, and for your good advice, all greatly appreciated.

Photo credit: Claudia Hill

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Up to my ears in paint and fabric!

These are a few of the pieces I'll have for sale at the Sydney minis fair that's coming up soon - a bit too soon for comfort really because I still have LOTS more to do.

I'm sharing a table with Margaret (My Petite Parterre) - we're looking forward to seeing some of you there - please stop by and say hello! 

Those of you who live far away don't have to miss out completely - after the fair I'll be offering a few pieces for sale on a sales page I'll set up on my blog so keep an eye out for that.

This fair is a first for me - those of you who have done fairs before will no doubt have learned a few things - I'd really appreciate any tips/advice you'd be prepared to share. 

OK, I'd better get back to work!