Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My unlucky lucky day

After a cloudy damp day yesterday the sunshine is back, great light to try the mini photos again AND I FINALLY worked out how to use the macro facility on the camera. Oh happy day! With rising spirits took some fairly good pics, put the photo card thingy in the laptop, proceeded to copy the pics to a storage file. Hmmm, nothing happening. OK, plan B: upload all the mini ones to my email. Looks good, a big file goes off into cyberspace. Open the email, only one pic there - very strange... took the photo card out of the laptop, put it back into the camera - ALL the photos on the card were GONE except one :( What to do now?? Two options really, sit down and cry about it or get another photo card and take some more photos. Decided on the second option so here are a couple with more to come.

All these pieces are 1:16 scale and were made with basswood using patterns from 'The Dolls' House DIY Book' by Venus and Martin Dodge. The dinner set on the dresser I bought at a show, the blue and white willow pattern plates are 'printies'. The brown 'stoneware' plates are actually light blue 'spatter' pattern like the little bowls but were painted with matte Humbrol. The bread, cheese and knife were all made from air drying clay and painted. The eggs in the bowl on the dresser are unpainted air drying clay. I was quite lucky to find a dinner set and red wine bottles that were small enough to 'work' with the smaller scale. I actually really like this scale but frustration at not being able to find enough accessories 'ready made' has pushed me to try 1:12 in my new projects.


Sans! said...

Norma, I love what you have done. The settings are gorgeous! Is this for a country home? I am not familiar with 1:16. One thing's for sure, you will have better storage space. There are days when I run out of space and wish I am working on a smaller scale :). The advantage of not being able to find so many 1:16 items is that you get to make them. Oh the joy when you have created something!

Norma Bennett said...

Thank you :) Regarding the scale, if you think of 1:24 as half scale (as it's often called) then 1:16 is 3/4 scale approximately. As you say it doesn't take up nearly as much space as 1:12 and I do like the look of it. I have from time to time been able to find bits and pieces that look ok, for example the dinner set on the dresser, and I make everything I can for myself, but there are many lovely things in 1:12 that I sometimes want to buy.

Pubdoll said...

So nice there are more people using the 1:16th scale! Beautiful work Norma, thanks for the many tips! I love that it's not so easy to find nice items in the right scale. Makes finding right scaled minis almost like a treasure hunt! If I had the 1:12th scale I wouldn't be able to stop buying :-)

Norma Bennett said...

Except for Lundby fans I think there are very very few of us using 1:16. The thing is, all these pieces were made 1984/5 and at that time it was still a common scale (Triang, Caroline's Home etc as well as Lundby) which is why Venus and Martin Dodge used it for the houses and furnishings in their book. They have since republished it with both 1:16 and 1:12 plans.

You are so right about the 'not being able to stop buying' all the wonderful 1:12 things, I've already discovered that's a bit of a problem. Still, not the worst problem to have :) I have some Lundby kitchen furniture and a few other things from the mid 80s also which I'll probably build a small 'apartment' for one of these days - no hurry ;)