Thursday, February 17, 2011

Answering your questions about the French facade

First of all thank you very much for your encouraging comments. I honestly didn't think you'd like the 'grubby' aspect of it so much.

There are a few questions in your comments, here are the answers one by one:

Glenda re "SHOP NAME" - no I don't have a name as yet, I'll be calling for help on that one soon!

Rudoo re "THE MAKER" - well actually that's me! The facade design is influenced by one of Lea Frisoni's buildings but it's not an exact copy. I am lucky to have a son who is very good at cutting straight lines (unlike me!) so he cut out the walls and floors according to my measurements. The shop front is purchased, as is a side door and a double hung side window (not shown here) but the opening facade windows were made by me. Making them was NOT a labour of love but I do like the freedom of not having to design around pre-made parts too much.

Caterina re WHAT KIND OF SHOP - it's an antiques and brocante shop, if you click here you get an idea of how it will look, but of course there will be lots more things 'for sale' later.

Piikko re ROOMS TO RENT - maybe we could come to an arrangment if you would be prepared to 'manage' the shop ;) (Don't tell anyone but I am secretly thinking about making a Pension to go next door, maybe that would be more suitable).

THE BALCONY RAILING is available from Dolls House Emporium online, or any of their stockists, click here to see it on their website. To get the bend in it I put the end into very hot (not boiling) water for a few minutes. I used a wooden block to bend it around at first but then I became impatient and just bent it (very) firmly by hand.

Thanks again for your kind remarks!!


rudoo said...

Thanks for the answer! So where can I purchase the shop front? I can't cut straight either, and I have no handy son :-) So, I better get looking for someone!

Piikko said...

:DDDD Maybe I thought that there might have been a beautiful tiny room upstairs or at the back of the Shop for me:DDD Or maybe I secretly knew that there would be a Pension coming! I think that the Pension will be fully booked. So may I make my reservation right now?:DDDDD

Daydreamer said...

Very clever to bend the railings by heating them in hot water..... like what happens accidentally to honey jars in my house?... LOL! Your shop is looking fantastic! And your windows are inspiring!

vicki archer said...

I love the facade Norma and I think the patina is just perfect....xv

Christine said...

Oops you dropped off my update list so I have missed all the things you are doing! What stunning work.

I actually came looking for you today, not knowing where you or your loved ones are and hoping you are all safe.

Norma Bennett said...

THE SHOP FRONT is made by 'Wonder Wood' - the product code is WW7305 - the only stockists I've found for it are in Australia - if you cut and paste these URLs they should take you directly to the product page. Power Grunt Hobbies has several more shop fronts also. The price is only about AUD35 so I suspect they are being imported from China.

Anonymous said...

this post is very usefull thx!