Monday, July 4, 2011

Little beanbag - gift exchange with Carolyn - chapter 2

Before going to New Zealand recently I looked through Carolyn's blog to see what I could possibly make for the 'girl who has everything' :)  Eventually I decided on a  simple white upholstered chair for the lady's bedroom in the shabby cottage.  However when we put it in there it just didn't look right, this is a difficult room to work with because the floor area isn't large and the vertical space is cut into with attic gables.  Carolyn got around this problem with great ingenuity, she simply slightly downsized the furniture which cleverly gives the illusion of space - and it was an illusion that fooled me!  The standard 1:12 chair looked totally out of place, however you could say that Carolyn's "loss" is Liberty's* gain because it's now gone off to her (after the addition of a couple of fairy cushions), and the 'French tapestry' cushion that accessorised the chair originally went to Mona because it matches the portrait on the bedroom screen she won in my recent giveaway.  *(Mercedes' daughter @ Liberty Biberty)

I had planned to make something for Carolyn's shabby cottage little boy's room too but ran out of time, and inspiration, before leaving but once I saw the room 'in the flesh' I knew just what to make for it.  So I haven't been entirely idle recently (nor spending 100% of time on my Pinterest!) - here is the beanbag and vintage Biggle's books (which Carolyn and her son have a soft spot for) - made since my return - bottom pic (courtesy of Carolyn) shows them in their new home - the little cushions were made by Carolyn and already in the room.

I've also made a simple little wooden bench for the end of the lady's bed in Carolyn's shabby cottage. I'm hoping it will suit the space and that the colour will be close to the blue accents in the rug. It's not in the mail yet so here it is photographed in the bedroom of my 1:16 house with a photograph of it's 'destination' next to it - hope you'll like it Carolyn!

Photo on right courtesy of Carolyn

PS - Since this post was published Carolyn has received the bench - and here it is in place

I'm so relieved to see the size and colour are just right

And I've received a second gift from Carolyn, some more pretty plates.  The florals will probably go in the shabby French apartment and the others in the modern kitchen that is still 'on the drawing board'.  Thank you Carolyn, they're just wonderful. 

Click here to visit Carolyn's blog  (Carolyn's Little Kitchen) and see more of her gorgeous shabby cottage and her original dollhouse, a Dutch canal house.

The bedroom in my 1:16 house is empty because all the furniture is packed away ready for our 'real world' move in a couple of weeks.  I wish the real apartment was as easy to pack as the dollhouse!!   


rosanna said...

You have been so clever, the beanbag is adorable.
Best wishes with your moving, Rosanna

Flora said...

Dear Norma, an electrical storm last night kept me from using the PC, so I have delayed writing this comment: I find it absolutely brilliant, your beanbag :-)
I think it indicates a great artistic sensibility by you; among other things: it must be really exciting, but also a little unsettling, to see live the dollhouses we know only through the blog ... Everything looks different, especially the spaces, is not it?
I received your invitation to enter into Pinterest but I have not joined Facebook, so it's impossible (fortunately?!)
Mini hugs, I send you my moral support for the move...

Jollie said...

Dear Norma,
Love the gifts you've made for Coroline :)
That is such an odd coincidence! I am making some bean bags too at the moment LOL! I found a 1:1 pattern in one of my craft magazines and calculated it back to 1:12, now I am trying to find some filling for them ;-)

Good luck on your moving house!

Hugs Jollie

Jollie said...

Sorry I ment to write Caroline... ;-)

Jollie said...

Still ain't right lol I just see that it is Carolyn (I am such a nerd sometimes! ;)

Carolyn said...

Hi is just so cute, that little beanbag. I just thought you were so kind and thoughtful to have spent such a long time trying to figure out the scale of my rooms from photos etc so that you could bring me a present that are such a sweetheart and it is a real pleasure to have something you made in my little house. Thank you so much!