Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hallway and stairs - done!

No further progress to report on the bathroom for the moment - I've turned my attention back to the hallway, kitchen, dining and salon which are located above the ground floor Brocante. 

The wallpaper is a single sheet with lines scored to create the look of wallpaper strips typical of old papered walls.  The fake 'edges' have also been lightly stained with tea to create a more aged look as this wall is 'subject to damp'.   In old houses the edges of the wallpaper strips often yellow with age, especially if they become damp from time to time.  Tea was also used to create the staining intended to mimic more serious water damage. 

Stairs in

Balustrade added 

Stairwell wall in place, completing the hallway

There are obviously major issues with cracked plaster on the exterior of the back wall of this house, particularly the left corner - over the years the constant damp has caused the plaster covering to fall off exposing the lath underneath. Emily is going to need to sell a lot of goods in her Brocante if she has any hope of affording repairs! 

The stairs were made using instructions in Lea's book*  Le Grande Livre de la Maison Miniature. They're not the best piece of work I've ever done but most of the staircase will be invisible once the walls go in, and it was good practice.

I have to make a small diversion from this project now, I'm participating in Caterina's International Christmas Swap and I have to complete my swap gift for Terry and get it in the post, it's got a long journey ahead all the way from Australia to Italy!


PS - Lea's book* is written in French.  However, the illustrations are very clear so it's possible to follow the instructions even if you don't read French.  Occasionally I do type a sentence or two into Google translate just to check on something I might be unsure about - however sometimes the translation is very amusing and not much help at all! ;)


Margaret said...

You have done a great job of aging Norma, the broken lathe and plaster looks so realistic.

afairytalecometruewyrna said...

Great to hear from you Norma. You are really all for it, complete made ​​with wallpaper that looks to have a long history. The staircase does look fantastic. Lovely with your reference to your Brocante, it looks so exciting. The book you mention is it available whit English text?
Very nice work.

Catherine said...

J aime beaucoup l apparence des murs après le dégât des eaux ..... Déménager ... Me paraît une bonne idée , Hihi !

Il ne manque plus que des fils électriques usagés le long des murs pour se dire vraiment " il est temps de faire de gros travaux "

Anonymous said...

looking great - altho I do feel sorry for Emily living in a place with the wall exposed!! keep up the brilliant work. Doris

Anna said...

The fallen plaster and water damage looks so real, Norma! I did the same thing with Léa's book - followed the pictures and diagrams and typed the odd word or passage into Google Translate. Five months on, the house has turned out rather well, considering I have no talent for woodwork :)

Ilona said...

Wow, the wallpaper is awesome, Norma. The weathered look is fantastic so is the staircase.
The book of Léa is great, my French is a bit "dusty" after so many years, but I can read it well enough ;)!
Hugs, Ilona

Léa said...

Hello Norma,

I like your hallway and I've always thought even if we don't see (or just a few) it, when all is ended, we have the satisfaction to believe that we have a REAL house.

Many thanks for your kind words about my book (I'm looking for an English publisher … I HOPE to find one. ^^).
Have a sweet evening. Hugs from Paris. <3 Léa

Carrie Lavender said...

It is looking great!! I love the worn aged look you have achieved. I'm looking forward to seeing more!!Carrie

Unknown said...

wow this looks so realistic, would not want to live there

Fabiola said...

Wonderful! I like the staircase.
The wallpaper looks very old.
Bye Faby

Anonymous said...

It looks amazing, Norma! Such a delight to see what you've been working on! :)

Unknown said...

Geeat work, it really look like it has been a big water damage in that room. Love the detail with the damaged wallpaper on the side of the stairs.

SaMiRa73 said...

Hi Norma! Amazing work!!! Your staircase looks great and I really adore the sight of the visible lath. Very realistic and I am sure you had quite some fun with all the tea staining work :-)
Hugs, Sandra

Maria Ireland said...

Wow your wallpaper and stairs are amazing. Fantastic work it looks so very real.
Hugs Maria

Begoña said...

Me gusta mucho como te está quedando, las rayas en el papel para darle más realismo son una gran idea y con el té has conseguido sin duda la apariencia que deseabas, me encanta.

Kathi said...

Everything new is old again! Love how you aged the wallpaper.

Your photos remind me of the old house I purchased in Florida. Before I repaired things! :D

Nice work.

Sans! said...

Oooooooh old weathered houses, my favourite kind :). I will be here to watch its progress for sure Norma :)

Irene said...

Very well done aging the walls and your staircase is excellent. (I have to translate Lea's book too - can't wait for the English version!) You've made an superb job of it. It's nice to see someone create the stairs outwith the book too. You've created a lovely effect.

Cinderella Moments said...

Wow! This is perfection. Deliciousness for the eyes. Your techniques are so incredible. This project is terrific.

Fabulously Small said...

what a great job you did on this, love the way you made the wallpaper old and peeled back (and the wooden parts behind it), very realistic! and the peak at the stairs to what I think must be the basement.. very well done! I love the overall effect and feel!

Lucille said...

Your work is always so realistic, Norma! I love what you did to the wallpaper!

Jo Raines said...

Beautiful!!!! I love it!

Peach Blossom Hill

Sandra said...

The ageing is very realistic Norma,and the whole area looks suitably neglected and run-down. Poor Emily certainly has her work cut out :) I laughed at your reference to Google translate - sometimes the translation is as much a mystery as the original language is!