Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Two little projects: marbling and a cardboard chaise

I looked at a few images of marble on Google to get the idea of how marbling should look and here is the result on the salon fireplace mantle

If you've ever though of trying it just go for it! I started with a layer of black then sponged on 3 different shades of dark grey in patches (changed the colour by mixing increasing amounts of grey and white into the black I started out with).  For the 'veining' is used a slightly diluted light grey and a soft brush with very few bristles, twisting it a bit as I went and that's what created the various widths within of the lines. They I added some very fine lines of off white over the grey veins here and there. Be sure to continue the veins over the edge of the piece. It's not nearly as hard as it looks and if it doesn't turn out right the first time just paint over it and start again. 

When I was stuck in the apartment because of the ankle injury a few months ago I made this little chaise. 

Because I couldn't get down to the basement workshop to use wood and power tools I was stuck with just cardboard, specifically box board because I didn't have any matt board at the time and couldn't get out to shop. I forget exactly what I used for the back legs, a couple of bits of thin table legs I think but I'm not entirely sure. The roll in the chaise body and the cushion insert are balsa dowel. 

The biggest mistake I made was using a piece of scrap dress lining fabric for the upholstery, it's shiny, synthetic and wasn't nice to work with (not pliable enough) but it was the only bit of green that I had and that's the colour I wanted. I'd never use that type of fabric again, no matter how much I thought I wanted a particular colour. Green was my colour of choice because I was thinking of putting it in the salon and thought that it might be nice if a piece of furniture in there echoed the green in the kitchen since both are on the same level but after all that trouble I have now decided it's going the Brocante

That's it for today :)  Next to come are the salon mirror and something on the bathroom but don't expect it too soon - two posts in two days is one thing - three in three is something entirely different! 


miniacollection said...

The marble is perfect.

Mini Addictions said...

Thanks for the step by step instructions on the marble. It looks great! Love the chaise in green too.

Véronique said...

Hi Norma, you're on a roll! I may get used to this :-) Your marble looks awesome. I went to painting school years ago to learn the old techniques of marbling and faux wood, and I must admit your marble looks very realistic. You could have taught the class!

Roelie said...

What a beautiful fireplace. The marble is perfect.

Mini hug,Roelie

afairytalecometruewyrna said...

Your marbling is perfect, I've tried, but found it rather difficult. Your chaise is also perfect. Very nice post, great to hear from you again.

Catherine said...

I think your marble is perfect. Thank you for telling us how you did it.

Ilona said...

Thank you for sharing to us your marble technique, great work, the marble on the fireplace looks great, Norma!
Hugs, Ilona

Plushpussycat said...

Both pieces are gorgeous, Norma! I'll wait for the post on the bathroom--so fun!!! xo Jennifer

Sam said...

The fireplace looks really incredible! Looks like authentic marble to me. Well done.

elizabeth s said...

Hi Norma! Your marbling is truly wonderful! It looks entirely authentic! Two thumbs up! And Hey, your chaise is really good too! Shiny fabric is always difficult to work with but the end results are not too shabby! Good work and a good color!


Margaret said...

Great job on both pieces Norma!

Claudia said...

That marble turned out beautifully, Norma. And the chaise is gorgeous.


Fabulously Small said...

hi Norma, wow, you made that marble look so real, well done!.
Haha, totally get that, about wanting something specific. You still did a nice job with that chaiselongue, but I can imagine what a struggle that can be with less then ideal fabric!