Friday, May 1, 2015

Sydney Miniatures Fair

This weekend (2-3 May) is the biggest weekend on the miniatures calendar around here so I've been a bit distracted from the French apartment preparing for it. This is a mock-up of my sales table display using a repurposed DVD storage unit. The weather's not great, rain forecast for the whole weekend has already started so that's not the best but hopefully there will be lots of dedicated miniature lovers who'll come anyway. 

Once the fair's over it'll be full steam ahead on the French project because I really need to get it finished in the next couple of months as there are big life changes coming up. We'll be moving out of our apartment and into full-time housesitting for a few months before spending the summer at our cottage in New Zealand, although I can take small projects with me to work on it obviously isn't practical to move a 3 level building around with us. The only room left to do is the bedroom but there's also a lot of wiring to take care of and the outside to be finished so there's plenty to do. Although I'm very tempted to set up the salon with all the furniture and accessories now that the walls have been repainted I've decided not to do it until the wiring and bedroom are completed because then I won't have to dismantle and pack everything again before I can start work on those. 

If you're in the Sydney area and can come to the fair please stop by my table and say hi! 

This medallion chair is upholstered in strawberry gold silk, isn't it just the most delicious colour!


Catherine said...

Have fun at the fair Norma. I hope you sell out of all you lovely miniatures.

Wanda said...

Have a great time at the miniature show Norma! Love the times you've made.

elizabeth s said...

I love your display unit Norma and of course, THE CONTENTS! :D Your skills with upholstery are quite wonderful and I know that you will SELL IT ALL, before the end of the show!
Have Fun! :D

Pepper said...

Have a wonderful time at the fair Norma and yes, that is a very pretty fabric =0)

jean-claude said...

Bon succès pour la foire.

PILAR6373 said...

Mucha suerte en la feria y sobre todo diviértete!!!!

Fabiola said...

Good luck!

Frankie said...

Went to the fair yesterday but didn't see you. I am so sorry I missed your display but going round and round makes you a bit dizzy and the show seemed a bit bigger this year. Hope you had a good day

Flora said...

My dear,
I know I'm a bit late,
so I hope that everything went well and that soon you publish a post to tell us about this adventure :-)
Your life, in the coming months, it looks to take a turn really hectic, so I hope you do have time to finish everything you have planned, partly because I can not wait to see the French house ;-)
See you soon.
Love from Italy,

Fabulously Small said...

that's an amazing colour indeed! I hope you've had a great fair!