Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Playing catch-up

I'm a bit shocked to see that I haven't posted here since July, bad girl! Most of the furniture I've been working on in recent months has been for sale but a few pieces have been for me.

note: Items marked with * are available to purchase from Fairy Meadow Miniatures - don't be shy, email Lorraine with any queries. 

So here's a selection ... 

An elegant classic bench upholstered in a Grecian Urn pattern toile.*

Romantic Parisian themed love seat upholstered in pink silk.*

Custom order French lady's chair and chest of drawers for a friend in the United States,

they're companion pieces to this French bed. 

Second bed with lace trimmed sheets and scallop trim on the cover.* 

Perfect combination of white lace, pink silk and gold trim - the peaches and cream team.*

Elegant pairing of grey and gold trimmed armoire and chair upholstered in strawberry gold silk.* 

Now and then I get to do something for myself! 

This chair is in the French apartment salon. I lost track of the number of coats of paint, each one slightly different, that were applied to the frame.

Lady's chair in the French apartment bedroom, it's one of my favourites. The striped silk was tea-dipped to give it a slightly aged look. 

Before and after of a little makeover project to personalised cafe chairs for the French apartment dining room. 

The chairs teamed up with the beautiful table made for me by Linda Park in the French apartment dining room.

Thanks for taking a stroll down mini memory lane with me!


Shabby Dollhouse said...

Wow.....i love the bench and bed.....sooooo beautiful!!!!

Mini hugs from austria *g*


Fabiola said...

Everything is wonderful!

Zulueta E said...

Ohhhhh! Deliciosos!!!! ♥

Linda Park said...

Every piece looks fabulous, you clever girl!! Exquisite work!!

elizabeth s said...

Hi Norma! I think that your collection French Furniture is Smashing and I also love the Beautiful cushions which you have adorned them with!
Glad to see that you have a "new" table from Linda Park for your french apartment;
It fits in so well that it looks like it has been there for years! :D

The grandmommy said...

Your collection is so dreamy! Each piece is as beautiful as the last. You should feel really good about yourself. They seem to be one of a kind.

PILAR6373 said...

Preciosa colección!! Unas telas maravillosas!!

carmen said...

unos muebles fantásticos!

Margaret said...

You have really been busy Norma, love the French chair in your salon!

Josje said...

Hi Norma! I think a lot of bloggers have been absent from their blogs in recent months, myself included. Your French collection is lovely!

Véronique said...

Hi Norma,

I love the chair in your salon! It is beautiful!
Glad to see you back here :-)

Юлия said...

Hi, Norm! You have very nice furniture, each a small masterpiece!

Nono said...

Love your furniture, Norma! So delicate... well done!

Sam said...