Monday, November 15, 2010

Summer break here at last!

Yay! No more thinking about classes and assignments for three whole months *big smile*

It's been a challenging semester - I've really appreciated all your comments and emails over the last few weeks - thanks so much for your friendship and encouragement.

And a big welcome to new Followers, I didn't expect to see so many new faces popping up while my blog was inactive, nice to know that you visited and decided to stay around :)

I do have one little thing to show you. Towards the end of my mid-year break I started this little beach house daybed for Marit and I've worked on it now and then over the past few weeks.

It's now in her otherwise empty beach house which hopefully we can tempt her to work on soon because it's sure to be gorgeous.

Marit has some fabulous projects on her blog including a conservatory which I just love, just click here to visit her at Black Cat Cottage. She's a really talented miniaturist, a couple of examples are these tiny wooden candlesticks, etc and the truly amazing birdcage - complete with bird - which are pieces of hers that I'm so lucky to have.

I've got lots to catch up on, in both the 'real' world as well as minis, but I'll be back to post again soon because I want to share with you some lovely minis I've received during my blog break.


Catherine said...

I am sooooo glad to see you back!!!

Your day bed is WONDERFUL! I love the color and the pillows!!! It really does look like it belongs in a beach house.

The turnings are so well done! Lucky you to have them. :-)

Kim Gillian said...

I love, love, love you daybed!! Really Awesome!!
-Kim :)

Glenda said...

Good to have you back, Norma!
Now you can keep on with the important things in life - minis!! :D
I saw your daybed on Marit's blog - it's lovely!!

Linda Carswell said...

So pleased to see you have made a return....there seems to be so many leaving blogland! I know real life catches up with every one....but surely blogging is real life also.....isn't it???!

Hope all your studies went well!

Linda x

Flora said...

Oh, really seems to me to see your smile :-)
I'm glad you now can find a little more time for us...
Here are just a mid-autumn, and already starting the season ailments (colds, cough, pain in the bones).
Luckily there is a blog to keep us healthy :-)
Mini hugs, Flora

rosanna said...

Hi Norma how nice to see you back (^_^) Your daybed is wondrful, I've seen it in Mrit's blog and I love it and its colours and double faced pillows!I'll look forward your next works, you have plenty of time now ;o)) Minihugs Rosanna
PS are you going to Bali? said...

Hey... welcome back Norma... and your bed looks very nice and fresh.

Hugs from Germany PuNo/Monika

Kathi said...

So nice to see you again! Your daybed is so pretty! Love the pillows and linens. It will look great in a beach house!

Nina in Germany said...

The daybed is very great and lovely. I like it.
In Germany it will get rather cold and dark now, we have the beginning of winter.
I look forward to your mini-works.

Susanne said...

Good to have you back, Norma. the daybed is great-
Love, Susanne

Irene said...

The daybed is great - love the colour.

Claudia said...

I love the daybed, Norma. Congratulations on Summer Break! Yippee!


Susan@minicrochetmad said...

Your work is so neat and tidy! This is beautiful, simple, clean lines and no hint it's miniature.

I agree with Linda, blogging is part of real life, when real life isn't so crazy we can't take time toplay!

Jill said...

So glad to hear that you get to have a nice break from studies!

That daybed is so wonderful. Really, really wonderful. I love the linens also! So pretty. I wouldn't mind having that in 1:1!!


PS: Thanks so much for the birthday wishes!

Norma Bennett said...

Thanks for all your kind comments. I really can't take credit entirely for the style and the colouring however as I was very much guided by Marit's preferences.

No more mini work done yet, but I do at least feel some sense of accomplishment as I've finally got around to some long overdue spring cleaning :)

Carolyn said...

Welcome back Norma. I totally understand the relief to be over the busy's been like that here too and I am just catching my breath! The sofa is gorgeous and I love the "envelope" cushions!

Sans! said...

WB Norma!!! :):)

Good to see you back and even better to see your work again after such a long break :). It's quite clear that you are still doing such a good job with the minis. That bench is sensationalllll! :)

Carey said...

Wow. That daybed is beautiful. Great job. I would love to try to do something like this myself. Have a great day.

El Costurero de Manoli said...

Hello, I love your mini stuff is cute.

Linda Carswell said...

Hi again Norma,
Thank you for the comments to my blog, they are always lovely to recieve. I have infact been to Lea's shop....several times. She will also be at Paris Creations which is on here in Paris this Sunday, so needless to say I am looking forward to that. Rosanna is also coming, so that will complete the day nicely. It has been a great holiday, but I am now looking forward to my own!
Linda x

Ana said...

Hello Norma, and finally you deserve some rest. Your day bed is lovely, its good to have you back,
Ana Maria

Pepi said...

Hola acabo de descubrir tu blog y me ha encantado,felicidades.

Gill said...

What a sweet little day bed, you've made an excellent job. I love it. Gill