Thursday, August 28, 2014

Georgian Townhouse makeover continues!

Yikes! - it's two months since I posted that all had come to a halt on the Georgian townhouse transformation on the eve of the Penrith show. In that time some things have moved on and some haven't! 

The house is still in pieces but that is in fact a good thing because it's made it much easier to work on the windows and doors. When I bought this house I didn't realise that the windows weren't glazed (which would have made for a very breezy interior), nor were they framed on the inside. 

All the windows have now been glazed and framed and extra framing added to the doorways. It was quite time consuming but I'm delighted how much it's lifted the look of the inside of the front so well worth it. 

Hopefully the reconstruction of the house will happen this weekend, including the addition of the new interior walls. What a relief it'll be when the last screw is in place! 

Until recently it was my intention to upgrade this house and keep it for myself so I also bought kitchen units for it. Although I'd really like to keep the cabinets it makes sense to offer them for sale with the house as an optional extra because the kitchen has been slightly re-sized to accommodate them -  a new owner might not be so lucky finding cabinets that will fit so perfectly. 

Of course I couldn't resist making-over the cabinets. Like the house itself, the first step was deconstruction. The drawer handles weren't right for a kitchen, the sink was totally wrong in every aspect (and had only one tap!) and the black on the counter tops too harsh for cabinets that have vintage features. 

It's well on it's way to having a totally new look, will share that with you soon - promise!


Susan@minicrochetmad said...

Oh my, you are adventurous doing such a drastic makeover of the kitchen cabinets! The house is looking very grand!!

Sarah said...

Yes, you're quite right about the sink! :D Took me awhile to realise that was the sink :D Look forward to seeing the final makeover pics, they look like very good units to work with.

Sarah :)

Candy said...

The house looks so cute, and I can't wait to see everything finished:)
Hugs, Candy:)

Catherine said...

It is going to be gorgeous. I look forward to seeing more posts about the renovations.

elizabeth s said...

Hi Norma! That was quite a few windows that you had to prime, paint and install. Windows are always more work than they appear because of the multiple sides of all of those glazing bars, but it is always very satisfying once they are done and installed. Good Job! The old kitchen sink was more like a kitchen hole in the counter. You did well to decide to change it.
All of these little extras will really make your Georgian house, shine! :D


Margaret said...

Hi Norma, Haven't blogged for ages, good to see your house makeover nearly completed. I think the buyer will really appreciate your kitchen which I am sure will be impressive.

jean-claude said...

Bravo pour la nouvelle cuisine et merci pour le partage des bonnes adresses.