Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Aged paint finish on the salon walls

7 days and 7 coats of paint later, including several washes and some sponging, I think the salon walls are pretty much as they need to be although I might try an almost transparent wash of gloss medium and light green to counter the slightly too flat/chalky finish. The variations are fairly subtle so I hope you can see they actually are there, but then that is the idea really, if they were too obvious I would have totally failed. It should look aged but not like several different painters, all with different paint pots, have been let loose after entirely too much red wine! 

Next step is reconstructing the room and decorating it - yay! the fun bit at last - I can get all sorts of delicious bits and pieces out of their boxes and into their 'home'.  


minwks said...

Hi Norma, It looks like you have achieved your goal. It looks wonderful and I can imagine the excitement of putting it back together and then filling it with your collection,
All the best,

Annie Fryd said...

Hi Norma.I love the result you have achieved,I like that it looks kind of chalky and dusty... Now you just need to do a tutorial for us ;-)
Hugs Annie

Susan@minicrochetmad said...

Wonderful Norma! Excitment builds waiting to see the delicious goodies in situ. I haven't shown Hilda Grace, she'd be jealous. She's not happy with her bedroom walls and we've come to a standstill ;)

Josje said...

You have achieved a wonderfully aged finish Norma. I like the very subtle different colours you have used. Certainly worth all of the effort.

Vivian Fox said...

Hi Norma,
It looks first class, I think you have achieved your goal!! I can't wait to see you put the whole thing together and see your little finishing touches.
All the best

Cinderella Moments said...

That is a gorgeous finish! Perfection as usual! :)

Susi said...

Me encanta¡¡¡
Es perfecto

Susi :-)

Nono said...

Your walls are beautiful. The chalk coloring is perfect. I like your work very much.

Unknown said...

I think you have achieved an excellent paint finish. This is one area of miniatures I find difficult, but I take inspiration from you.

Jayne c

Fabulously Small said...

ooohhh, I love it, very naturally done Norma, wow!