Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Additions to the 1:16 house KITCHEN

The old gardening boots were made quite a while ago (painted air drying clay) the 'dirt' on them is a material sold as soil for model railway enthusiasts. The rag mat is a printie, we had a few mats like this in the cottage I lived in as a child (the one in my header photo). PS - I'm clearly not very observant - I hadn't noticed that the oven door handle is missing until I saw this photo on the computer!


Sans! said...

This has to be my favourite room. The rag mat is a printie?? No way! It look so real! Everything look so good and real, the boots with the dust is a classic. Love those blue distressed chairs, the calendars. I have the same blue splattered cooking pot and I didn't like it but they look so good here. It didn't matter that the oven has no knob. It gives it an aged and worn look that's giving your kitchen tons of character.

Norma Bennett said...

Glad you like this room so much, and yes the mat is definately a printed image, it's a photograph of a real rag mat that I found on Google images.

There is a bit of a story about the calendar (a true one), the first one (with a red ring around the 14th) is in another project that I'll photograph and post when I'm in NZ because that's where it lives. My great grandparents migrated to NZ from the north of England leaving their home town on 14 March 1922, the month showing on the calendar.

Haha, but I think the cook might get a bit frustrated trying to open the oven door ;)