Wednesday, December 2, 2009

As promised, the 1:16 child's bedroom

This little 'vintage' house is set in the early 1920s. From the look of the furniture I think it's been used by several little girls before the present 'occupant' :) The wallpaper was aged by spraying tea on it, especially so above the fireplace as the paper always discolours there because of smoke from the fire. Can you find kitty?

A shot from above to show the quilt. I found the quilt block on the internet, 'pieced' several together to create the quilt, then printed it on fairly fine lawn which gives a slightly faded look to the finished print. The hot water bottle is painted air drying clay.

I'll post more showing the house as a whole when the electrician's been around to install the last light, and the housekeeper (who seems to have gone on an extended holiday) gives the place a jolly good clean and tidy! Oh yes, and the roofer hasn't been around yet either! Luckily we're having a warm dry spell because as well as no roof it's still without a front!!


Sans! said...

Norma, kitty is right by the side of the bed , probably seeking as much warmth as she can get. I love your rocking horse to bits. Is it a vintage piece? Are you also responsible for the excellent paint job on the chest of drawers? When you say lawn, what do you mean? Is it paper or cloth because your blanket look every bit as woolly and faded as you wanted it to be. I love the mini mini dollhouse, as you already know.

Norma Bennett said...

The rocking horse is an inexpensive piece I bought at a toy shop recently, I was VERY pleasantly surprised at the price. It's one of those shops that has all the minis locked in a cabinet with all the prices hidden (don't you just hate that) and I thought it was so nice it was going to be a Heidi Ott perhaps, with a price tag to match :)

The drawers and the bed were originally plain stained wood but I decided it was too boring for a child's room. The designs on the drawers and bed end are based on a couple I found in my mother's collection of embroidery designs.

Lawn is a fine cotton fabric. It is used for both the top and backing of the quilt, but it's not filled. There is a 'blanket' underneath it, and the bed was 'fluffed up' to make it look as though it was recently slept in.

Pubdoll said...

Lovely room Norma, both the carpet on the floor and on the bed are beautiful! And I love the black chair, I have the same in red, but would love to have more of them and in black instead!

By the way, when I click on your name when you comment in my blog, I get to your profile page, but your blog isn't shown there. I have added you to my blog list instead for easy access, but perhaps you would try to fix it, so it's easier also for others to find your wonderful work!

Norma Bennett said...

Thanks for your comments :) Also thanks for letting me know about the issue with my blog URL being missing, I'll check it out.