Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Just 10 more sleeps...

This is the 'dining' area of our cottage kitchen in New Zealand. In just over a week I'll be enjoying breakfast sitting not at the table but in the comfy green armchair looking out through the door to the greenery, which will hopefully be backlit by the morning sunshine. Breakfast always tastes better there! :)


Marit said...

Funny to think that your summer is starting, while her it's freezing cold. I defrosted my freezer today, while it's contents wait in the garden to go back again.
I don't know why I couldn't send you a message or find your blog. When I tried that, I found myself in the process of becoming my own follower... sounds familiar? Oh well, I did find you!
My Unimat is a classic. I must admit that I still haven't dome anything else with it than jigsawing. I can understand why you are so eager to get one, as it would make diy furniture in 1/16 scale so much easier.

Have a great time in NZ!

Norma Bennett said...

Thanks Marit, and laughing my head off at the idea of your freezer contents out in the garden keeping cold!! That's hilarious!I'm sitting here with the fan on - it's early morning but already warm, expecting about 33 deg in Sydney today - we've been having hot summer weather for weeks now, hottest day so far was 41 but that's unusual for early summmertime - it will be cooler in NZ though which is not a bad thing so long as not toooo much cooler :)

I have noticed that from time to time my profile seems to 'drop' my blog link - and I don't think I'm alone in that, there do seems to be a few glitches in the system but I guess we just have to be thankful that we have this fabulous technology at all and take the bad with the good.

I'm now looking at 'alternatives' to the Unimat, haven't heard from the manufacturers about an Aus stockist. I left a comment lastnight on a blog that mentioned one of the Proxxon saws and I can get those here. Anyway, in reasearch mode only for the moment, no more mini-ing now until I get back from NZ some time in February.

Have a nice Christmas, look forward to catching up with you again :)

Sans! said...

Dear Norma, are you already in New Zealand in that fabulous cottage of yours? If you are, then say hello and kiss everything there for me ? Do remember to bring back more pics and post em :).

Norma Bennett said...

No still in Sydney, leaving in a couple of days. I promise I'll tell the 'old girl' that you love her and will visit one of these days :)

I will have internet access from time to time so you will probably get the occasional post. I won't be back in Sydney until mid February - if I'm absent from blogland that long you might forget me!! LOL