Thursday, December 10, 2009

Here it is - the full (not quite complete) 1:16 house!

Firstly a stroll down memory lane - I followed the plans, and this photograph, for the house that I built in 1984/5. Most but not all of the furniture was made at the time. The house and contents remained in New Zealand when we moved to Australia some years later and I gave it little thought until I stumbled upon the November 2003 Dolls House World magazine in a local newsagents - I was astonished to see what had become available in the mini world, and how easily accessible it was, and I was totally intrigued and inspired by a featured project - I WAS HOOKED ON MINIS AGAIN! For various reasons I decided against shipping the house from NZ and began a long process of planning the replacement. I didn't want to use the same design because I wanted more rooms, and also a smaller 'footprint', in the new house. On a trip back to NZ I demolished it, keeping the stairs and fireplaces to incorporate into the replacement.

This house is what I eventually designed and built as a replacement - altho as you can see it's still roofless (that's almost ready to go on) and frontless.
Let's start with the entrance hall... it's still looking a bit bare but not sure what else to do with it (gratefully receiving suggestions). Now turn right into the kitchen and pull up a chair...

A special guest such as yourself shouldn't be thinking of going into the scullery and washing up so lets go up to the living room, I'll show you the photos I'm putting in the album...

While we're here you might as well take a look at the study, that's dear grandma over the fireplace...

There are a few more pieces of furniture and so on to go into both of these rooms one of these days to give them a bit more 'life'.
Perhaps you'd like to take a look at the little girl's room upstairs, she's been the lucky recipient of quite a few new bits and pieces very very recently, including an angel to watch over her, oh and yes we'll have to go through the newly decorated main bedroom too, it's a pity there's no roof on yet but it's nice to look at the stars at night ;)

Well, that's pretty much all there is to see at the moment, I hope it's been interesting and that you've enjoyed your visit.Please come back sometime to see the continuing improvements :) Oh, yes, and if you've got any suggestions about what to do with that hallway please let me know!
(To see more detail left click on any photos to bring them up in another window).


Caseymini said...

Hi Norma, The house is beautiful. As for additions to the hallway, the only things I could think of was maybe a rug to break up the long expanse of floor and maybe a coat rack by the door. I love the way you have done little rooms off of the main ones. The sculery is great. Now I want one! Can't wait to see it finished.

Sans! said...

I have had a terrific time visiting all your rooms! I hope for more :). Will you be having dolls, Norma? How long did it take you to build all of this? Since 2003 or less? Fantastic work!

Kim said...

I don't know how I have never stumbled across your blog before! Your dollhouse is lovely- I enjoyed the tour :) The small dollhouse for the dollhouse is just adorable too!

JStardust said...

I don't feel like moving away from your blog. I wish I could stay in that doll house :D
For the entrance hall you can put a shoe rack, umbrella holder, a coat holder or hooks to hold jackets. You can also put some photos/paintings on walls.

Norma Bennett said...

Thanks for all your comments, and suggestions :)

Casey, glad you like the scullery, it was one of the most fun parts to do, trying to get lots 'going on' in a very small space.

Sans, re the dolls, no I won't be having dolls because I prefer to keep the illusion that any one of us can live in there in our imaginations. Re the construction time frame, I've been physically working on it off and on (more off than on) for about 3 years. There is a huge amount of 'invisible' time such as searching the internet for hours and hours for era appropriate wallpapers - I printed all the papers in the house (my printer uses waterproof archive quality ink that is supposedly 'long life' but I also spray them all with sealer). And for example the tap on the kitchen sink took me about 3 hours of trial and error to construct! - I couldn't find one small enough so eventually worked out how to make one with a bit of toothpick, some coated wire and silver paint.

Kim, hope to see you again! :)

Amina, any particular place you think best for the coat rack?

JStardust said...

To the left of the door leading to the Kitchen.. in that corner :)
Norma, what are the dimensions of the dollhouse?

JStardust said...

Or you can put some tiny hooks on the right of the door so people can hang their coats. Then you can use that small corner on the left to put some shelves or may be a small plant.

Susan@minicrochetmad said...

I love your style in your dollhouse. It looks warm and lived in and totally unique since you built it all yourself.

The hallway:- a potted palm, the narrow sort. An umbrella stand or tall hall stand with mirror and umbrella slots and a hat, mail etc. on it. A chest - either blanket box or drawers with perhaps a row of coat hooks above it, some shoes or gumboots beside it, childs toy or some books or newspaper on it. A dog or a cat, basket of shopping on the floor.

With your gift for making your rooms busy I look forward to seeing your hall come alive.


Atticbabys said...

Hi Norma,,, you are a lady after my own heart!! I loved peering into your lovely dollhouse. Such detail on so tiny a scale! I will be back to see more!

Pubdoll said...

I have been her earlier and enjoyed watching all the rooms, but everything was so gorgeous and had so many great details I had no idea where to begin commenting!
I love most the kitchen with the scullery, they really feels like real rooms! Love the calendar in the scullery, the way the table cloth folds itself over the edge of the table, the tiles in the fireplaces, the fabulous wallpapers, the doll's house and the picture of your grandson in the girl's room. (You see quite a bit, and I haven't mentioned everything I like either!)
The oil lamps look like Lundby's, are they by Lundby?

Norma Bennett said...

I've been popping in and out of other people's blogs over the weekend, thought I'd better get back here this morning and acknowledge all you wonderful comments and suggestions!

Amina: Thanks for your suggestions. The approx dimensions are
Height - 60 cm / 24"
Width - 36 cm / 14"
Depth = 25 cm - 10"

Susan: Thanks for your comments and suggestions. I like that word 'busy' - sounds so much nicer than 'untidy' ;)

Atticbabys: Thanks! Glad you stopped by - I just LOVE your dolls!

Pubdoll: Thank you! It's interesting to know what takes a 'viewers' interest. My favourite rooms at the moment are the girls's bedroom and the kitchen/scullery.
Yes the lights are Lundby and they have caused me a LOT of trouble. They are the only lights I could find in that scale (altho I have since found some 1:12 on the small side that would have worked ok). The BIG problem with them is that the wiring is SO short, and this is a deep house. Consequently I've had to join wires in most places. I see in the kitchen in the advent calendar you have a '2-pin plug' high on one wall, I can't get them here, that would have made my life easier. The only non-Lundby light is the oil lamp on the kitchen mantle, that was a non-working light that I 'electrified'. There was a ceiling light fitting in the kitchen but the bulb 'blew' - much to my dismay! The problem was that as I mentioned the wiring is very short, so there was a join in it in the wiring channel under the floor above. However I was stupid and made this floor non-removable (a lesson learned!!) so I couldn't access the wiring to replace the bulb end part, I just had to rip it all out and remove the fitting. That left me with no light in the kitchen so wiring up the oil lamp was the only solution I could think of at the time. I'll probably work out a way to put a new ceiling light in later, I still have the old fitting, I like it for the kitchen because it is one from the original house and it has yellowed with age so it looks appropriately 'dirty' for a kitchen light. Of course I was stupid putting such an old light in in the first place, I could have used the fitting but replaced the bulb and wiring prior to instalation (and made the above floor removable!). Oh well, we live and learn!

Pubdoll said...

I think you did a great job with the wiring, especially how everything is hidden behind walls and ceilings! Since I just use the Lundby houses all my plugs are shown, but I must admit I sometimes remove them from my photos, because I think they ruin the pictures.

Mercedes Spencer @ Liberty Biberty said...

Norma, it's just beautiful!

cockerina said...

Hello Norma, I like the new house, but my favorite piece is the green dresser ....
complete, the replacement dwelling is successful!
kisses from Italy!!! Caterina

Norma Bennett said...

Thankyou Merceds and Caterina, you are so kind :) I've been working on the hallway the last couple of days, will post pics soon.